Sports Betting Sites in Egypt

Online sport betting sites are available and widespread in the Arab Republic of Egypt like any European country, but when choosing an online sport betting site, there are some factors that you must take into account in order to be able to choose the most suitable bookmaker that gives you an enjoyable betting experience, and protects your personal and financial data, It gives you the opportunity to make real financial profits.

Top Available Sports Betting Sites in Egypt

In this guide, we will present the most important points on which to choose online sport betting sites in Egypt and will recommend the best sports betting sites in Egypt that you can participate in using your smartphone or tablet.

Egypt is located in northeastern Africa and is one of the most important countries in the Arab world. Egypt takes the Islamic religion as a source for its legal legislation. However, the modern Egyptian Republic originated as a civil state and therefore does not prohibit gambling as other countries do. For example, Egypt has more than 20 casinos located in Cairo, Sharm El-Sheikh and Alexandria. Moreover, Egyptian law does not mention any penalties for people who gamble, whether at home, in gambling halls, or on the Internet.

The Arab Republic of Egypt is the largest Arab country ever and it has a special place in the Middle East because of its long history, great civilization, and unique culture, as well as its openness to other cultures and countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that Egypt is one of the very few Arab countries that legalizes gambling and online sport betting.

Currently, there are dozens of online sport betting sites that welcome players from Egypt and provide them with excellent service, and the most famous of them are 1xbet and Melbet.

In the next part, we will focus on these two online betting sites more deeply to know what advantages they offer you as an Egyptian player:


The most well-known online sport betting site of all time is 1xbet. This site was created at the beginning of the current century and was initially targeted at the former Soviet republics, but now the whole world has become its own market. This site has a valid license issued by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board and protects the financial and personal data of its customers with the strongest encryption protocols, NetNanny and Cyber Patrol. In addition, the site fully supports the Arabic language, and it supports many local payment methods such as Vodafone Cash, Etisalat Cash, and InstaPay. Moreover, you can conduct your financial transactions using cryptocurrencies as well.

In terms of bonuses and promotions, this site offers its visitors more than 60 high-quality bonuses distributed on online sport betting, casino games, lotteries and many other options.

In terms of sports support, 1xbet covers more than 50 sports and this package includes the most popular to little-known sports, however the lion’s share of the betting and odds markets goes to football. 1xbet reaches the highest levels of quality by providing high quality customer service available through several means including live chat, email, and phone call.


Melbet online sport betting site was launched in 2012 by Tutkia LTD, headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus and also licensed in Curaçao.

Melbet online sport betting site succeeded in attracting the attention of many online sport betting enthusiasts in a very short period, because it is a modern and developed site that works according to the latest technologies and innovations that make betting fun unprecedented.

It offers casino games in addition to online sport betting through an advanced platform in the Arabic language, which has an organized and elegant responsive interface that is easy to browse so that any player can check the types of sports on the site, know the live events, and choose the games that he wants to bet on.

The site’s interface is compatible with all smart devices, whether mobile phone or tablet. These other features and services that we will get to know in the next part made Melbet online sport betting one of the most important and popular online betting sites, which allowed it to become a competitor to the best ancient sites on the Internet despite its modernity.

The Popularity of Online Sport Betting in Egypt

Before the spread of the Internet, Egyptians used to bet too, but through syndicates, where friends would meet in a house or in a private place to bet on a single sports match, and the player who won would get his bet back and get the bets of the other losing players.

Egyptian law does not prohibit online sport betting, but it imposes heavy taxes on lottery operators, ranging from 40% to 60% at most. Therefore, online sport betting sites do not prefer to operate in Egypt, especially since there are other countries that offer them better tax treatment.

Although Egypt is an unregulated market for online sport betting sites, it has more than 1 million regular sports bettors at least.

Online betting sites have a lot of banners in stadiums, and people on social media never stop talking about online sport betting sites. For example, the 1xbet group has more than 150 thousand subscribers and they share promo codes, offers and different betting options. So, even though online sport betting is not regulated in Egypt, Egyptians love to bet on different sports online.

Even if you find a blocked website in Egypt or you cannot access it, you can access it easily by using a VPN or any other service to change your website.

What Are the Popular Sports in Egypt?

There are 5 sports that Egyptians love the most and bet on regularly at reliable online betting sites, and they are as follows:


  • Football is one of the top 10 sports in Egypt and the world, and it is so popular that there are 4 billion followers around the world.
  • Football originated in the second century in China.
  • Football laws were developed in England by the English Football Association in 1863.
  • Football is also a team sport played by 250 million players in 200 countries around the world.
  • Lionel Messi is the most profitable soccer player in the world with an annual income of $90 million.
  • Football is also the most popular sport in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.
  • FIFA (the International Federation of Football Associations) organizes the FIFA World Cup every 4 years, which is the most important tournament in the world.


  • Basketball is a very popular team sport in which two teams of 5 players each compete.
  • During a basketball match, both teams try to insert the ball into the opponent’s basket, which is 3 meters high, and score goals.
  • Football is a fairly modern sport that started in the 19th century.
  • There are 2.4 billion basketball fans and followers around the world, most of whom are in America, Canada, Japan and China.
  • The game of basketball has also evolved to include technical playing methods related to shooting, passing and dribbling the ball.
  • In 1892, Smith College began playing women’s basketball.
  • Basketball is based on a ball and a flat court of ground that is flat and rectangular in shape, with a hanging basket at opposite ends.


  • Tennis is one of the top 10 sports in the world, followed by a billion people around the world.
  • Tennis is also one of the most popular individual sports.
  • The tennis player uses a special racket and a small ball to hit the ball over the net into the opponent’s area.
  • Tennis is also an Olympic sport played by all levels and groups of society and all ages.
  • Anyone can practice tennis, even people with special needs and wheelchair users.
  • Tennis is practiced by millions of players, and it is a famous and widespread sport in all countries of the world.
  • Women’s tennis competitions are more followed by the masses than men’s tennis.


  • Volleyball is one of the world’s most popular sports.
  • Two teams of 6 players each play volleyball, separated by a high net.
  • Volleyball originated in the United States in 1895 by William George Morgan.
  • The FIVB Volleyball Federation was founded in 1947, and the first world championship for men was held in 1949.
  • 900 million people watch volleyball matches, whether in stadiums or behind screens.
  • Volleyball is also considered one of the most watched Olympic sports during the summer.
  • Volleyball entered the 1964 Olympic Games.
  • Also, volleyball is currently one of the most popular sports in Brazil.


  • Wrestling is one of the highly popular individual combat sports.
  • Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of fighting, according to drawings found in a number of caves in different parts of the world.
  • Wrestling relies on the use of a number of techniques, including pushing, direct hitting, grabbing, and pinning.
  • Also, wrestling is a competitive sport that may be just a sporting entertainment, as is the case in professional wrestling.
  • There are several types of wrestling, including freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, and sambo.
  • Freestyle wrestling is an international specialty and an Olympic sport for men and women.
  • As for amateur wrestling, it is a world heritage martial art that appeared in 648 BC.

Online Sport Betting Developments

Recently, the number of sports bettors in Egypt and the whole world has doubled due to the huge technical boom that has occurred in the online sport betting industry.

With the increase in the use of the Internet, it has become possible for everyone to enjoy betting on their favorite teams using their smartphones or tablets.

Of course, this was not possible in the era of Nokia phones and the 1G, but due to the successive developments that have taken place over the past decade, it has become easy for everyone to enjoy betting on their favorite online sport betting sites with the click of a button without the need to go anywhere else.

On the other hand, online betting sites themselves have developed their services and offers to attract as many sports bettors as possible.

For example, you can now make your own transactions starting from just $1. In addition, it is possible for you to bet on live matches without paying any additional cost. Sports betting sites in Egypt also provide accurate statistics of the matches you are betting on so that you can place the best possible bet. It has also become possible for bettors to use cryptocurrencies to fund their accounts at online betting sites and conduct financial transactions with ease.

Here we are not talking about Bitcoin only, but we refer to all cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Tether, Dash, and Ripple. Sometimes you can also buy cryptocurrencies directly through online betting sites without paying additional fees.

All these developments would not have occurred without the industry raising security standards to the maximum degree to ensure the protection of bettors’ data and to secure their transactions and protect them from pirvacy. Moreover, reliable online betting sites keep customer balances in bank accounts separate from the balance of the site itself to protect them even if the site goes into insolvency.

Payment Methods in Egyptian Online Betting Sites

The situation in Egypt is not much different from other Arab countries or even countries of the world, as Egyptians can use banking cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies to fund their accounts on online betting sites and cashout their winnings. Below, we have prepared a quick overview of the most prominent payment methods available at reliable sports betting sites:

Debit Cards

Bank cards are the second most used method in the Arab region, as there are 31 banks in Egypt and 13 in Saudi Arabia, and the number of bank customers in Egypt reaches 30 million.

Although credit cards are considered the most common and used in Western banks, they are very limited in Arab banks due to the fact that the fatwas of some religious authorities prohibit credit and interest, as previously mentioned. Therefore, direct debit cards are considered the most widespread among bank customers in Egypt and the Arab world in general.

These cards can be used to make purchases and sales online or in physical stores. Moreover, you can get points and gifts for every purchase you make without interest or credit.

You can use these cards also at online betting sites and casinos. As for the disadvantages of these cards, they are clear and known to all, as they give you a very limited range of spending, because the available balance in them is the balance of your account, and therefore it is not possible to spend more than the money that you already have at the present time. Moreover, these cards do not provide the same protection as credit cards, as credit cards use the OTP system and wait 10 minutes before completing the process, and if you are hesitant to make a payment, you can cancel it. Despite these drawbacks, debit cards are far better for merchants than cash on delivery.

Credit cards

Despite the religious issues related to the use of credit cards, there are many users who prefer to use them to make purchases of various goods and services online, spend while traveling, conduct their transactions at online betting sites, and get some money when their salaries are delayed.

On the other hand, many banks provided credit cards that give users a specific period of time to return the money they spent from the bank balance without incurring any additional interest. Currently, the most used credit cards bear the Mastercard logo, followed by Visa cards.

Vodafone Cash

Vodafone Cash is the most widely used and popular smart phone wallet in Egypt, and it outperforms the wallets of competing companies thanks to the great advantages it offers to users, as it is free of any fees, and your balance on the wallet can be charged or cashed from any ATM, and it is also easy to use and available to anyone who owns Vodafone line.

With this wallet, you can recharge your mobile phone, renew your landline internet package, pay utility bills, and send and receive money from other wallets. In addition, there are many websites that support the Vodafone Cash wallet and other mobile wallets as well.

In addition, you will be able to track your spending and know your balance on it through the “Ana Vodafone” mobile application. In the Arab world, there are many smart phone wallets as well, such as Zain Cash in all of Kuwait and Iraq, Etisalat Cash in the Emirates, and STC Pay and Etisalat Cash in Saudi Arabia, and other wallets available.

You can use Vodafone Cash wallet to conduct your financial transactions at different online sport betting sites such as 1xbet and Melbet.


PayPal announced that it owns 5% of the e-commerce industry in the Arab region, which is a very large percentage, given that the Arab market is still emerging in electronic payment services.

Through the PayPal wallet, users can make payments to online stores, transfer and receive money from other people on the Internet.

The maximum amount for a single transfer is $10,000, while the minimum transfer amount is $10. Of course, these limits are suitable for all users.

The PayPal wallet offers two wallet options; The first is personal wallets with low send/receive limits, while the second is commercial wallets that offer higher limits. However, there is a very limited selection of online betting sites that accept PayPal, so if you prefer e-wallets you can use Skrill or Neteller instead of PayPal.

How to Pick an Online Sport Betting Site?

Through our ArabsWin website, we provide you with comprehensive and accurate reviews so that you can choose the right site for you quickly and without much research.

We believe that the two best sports betting sites in Egypt are 1xbet and Melbet. However, if you want to make your way on your own, here are the most important criteria you need to keep in mind:

Safety in Egypt & Trustworthy

Certainly, safety and reliability are indispensable elements for any sports bettor. Everyone loves to test their luck, but at unreliable online betting sites your luck will always be bad! Therefore, in order to have a fair chance of winning, you must choose a reliable online sport betting site that is licensed by one of the well-known legal committees.

Site availability in Egypt

Certainly, an online sport betting site must be accessible to the Egyptian public. You can easily check this feature by checking the list of prohibited countries in the terms and conditions. If you find Egypt mentioned in this list, you’d better choose another online sport betting site.

There are some Egyptian YouTubers who advise punters to use VPN applications to access all online betting sites freely, but note that all online sport betting sites prohibit the use of tools that change the user’s geographical location.

SSL protocol

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and (Transport Layer Security) TLS are two protocols for encrypting and protecting financial and personal data during transmission or reception on the Internet.

These two protocols are used by almost all “reliable” online betting sites to secure their customers’ personal and financial data.

We can say that the gambling industry, online sport betting, and all businesses that take place on the Internet would not exist without the presence of SSL and TLS encryptions; These two ciphers work exactly like a house key without which all houses would be robbed in a few hours!

You can check for yourself the existence of these two protocols by looking for the green padlock symbol in the address bar of your browser when entering online sport betting sites.

Special Welcome Bonuses for Egyptian Bettors

Online sport betting sites offer their visitors a wide range of promotions that you can take advantage of to get longer playing time and higher profits.

Once you register with the site, you will be entitled to a huge welcome bonus ranging from 50% to 100%, while the maximum bonus balance reaches a value ranging from $100 to $200.

Sometimes online sport betting sites do not offer a matching bonus but give newcomers a free bet as a welcome bonus.

How to Register With Online Betting Site?

If you find a site that has the above 4 attributes we described, it’s time to sign up! All you have to do is go to the online sport betting site, click on the (Sign-up) tab, and then enter your full name, email, address, smartphone number, and other required data in the designated fields.

Choose a Sport to Bet on

In the beginning, you have to choose a sports game. We advise you here to choose a sport that you like and follow it closely, so that it is easy for you to predict the results of its matches. Most likely, you will choose football. In fact, this is a very good choice because online sport betting sites offer the largest possible coverage and betting odds for this sport.

Place Your First Bet

If you are still a beginner, it is better to keep things simple by betting on a popular sport (such as football), choosing a league or championship that is familiar to you (such as the Egyptian League), and selecting a match between a very strong team and a weak team (such as Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly Bank), And choose the victory of the strongest team (which is Al-Ahly).

Although you will get a small profit from the “easy bets”, it is important to break the ice at the beginning and get the experience needed to place advanced bets later.

Mobile Online Betting Sites

Recently, all online sport betting sites have improved their services and products to work flexibly on smartphones and tablets. If you want to enjoy the betting experience on the go, you can access the online sport betting site using any browser you prefer to use. Moreover, there are plenty of sports betting sites in Egypt that offer apps available for download on Android and iOS phones as well.

Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, you will be able to access all available sports and place bets with ease. Moreover, you will be able to get the various bonuses to enjoy online sport betting for a longer period and make bigger profits. You will also be able to contact customer service and get help, whenever you need it.

Although there are a huge number of online sport betting sites available on the scene at the moment, two sites that are particularly suitable for the Egyptian audience are 1xbet and Melbet. Below, we will discuss the most important features of these two sites for smart device users in detail.


Besides its browser-based platform, 1xbet offers applications that are available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

You can download these applications through the provider’s website. No matter how you prefer to play while on the go, you will be able to access the same options and features easily without any difference.

Pictures, menus, and buttons are scaled down to fit smaller screens. This site covers more than 50 sports and daily offers more than 3,000 online sport betting markets and accepts bettors from the Arab Republic of Egypt and many other countries as well.

1xbet holds the license of the Curacao e-Gaming Commission and therefore the site complies with its licensing regulations, which raises the level of confidence in the site and its ability to provide a safe and reliable gaming environment.

The site also uses SSL encryption, as well as various firewall and protocol technologies to protect its clients’ financial data. 1xbet is also the official sponsor of the Confederation of African Football, FC Barcelona and the Brazilian, Italian and Spanish leagues.

As for the players who suffer from gambling addiction problems; the online betting site offers them a self-exclusion service that allows a player to close their account or limit the amount of bets they place over a period of 6 months.


Melbet is an ideal choice for Egyptian bettors as it offers an easy-to-use platform that is compatible with all smart devices. Moreover, the provider offers apps that are available for download on both iOS and Android devices as well. This site offers a lot of additional betting features such as live betting, cash out, group bets, and many more options as well.

Melbet is in-depth in its focus on the grassroots leagues and leagues within each sport. For example, it supports the Spanish League and the European Nations Championship in addition to the Saudi Football League as well and other international and local football tournaments.

Top Bonuses You Can Get From Egyptian Online Betting Sites


Currently, 1xbet offers a wide range of promotions and bonuses to its new customers and loyal users, but these bonuses vary from time to time. In the following section, we will present to you the most important offers that you can get at the present time from 1xbet:

First Deposit Bonus

If you register at 1xbet you will get a 200% bonus on your first deposit. The minimum deposit that qualifies for this bonus is only $1. It is worth noting that half of this bonus can be used in accumulator bets, while the other half must be used by the player in casino games.

Accumulator Betting Bonus

1xbet offers you more than 1,000 events to bet on daily and if you place an accumulator bet and win, you will get an additional 10% profit.

Player Birthday Bonus

1xbet will congratulate you on your birthday in its own way! As he will send you a message to your phone number containing the offer that he will present to you.

The Most Active Bettor Throughout the Month

If you love the ACCA bets so much that you make the most accumulators during the month, you will get a gift car! While the winner in second place will get an iPhone, while the third winner will get a Galaxy phone!

TOTO Bet Coupon

The 1xbet website offers a TOTO betting coupon that offers the player to determine the results of 12 matches for free. In this coupon there are 3 results for one match, which are:

  • The home team wins
  • The host team wins
  • Draw

Players can place their bets until the first match listed in the TOTO coupon starts, but placing a bet after that will be invalid.

In order to be able to confirm your participation in the TOTO coupon, you must place a bet on any sporting event with the odds of winning being 2 or higher. And if you win in predicting the results of the 12 matches, you will enter a large draw in which you may win large sums of money!


Melbet online sport betting site is distinguished by its generosity in order to make the gaming atmosphere more fun and exciting, making millions of players join it like no other, as it offers many promotions and rewards in its marketing campaigns that include all categories of players, whether beginners or loyal ones.

Welcome offer

Once you register with this platform, you will be entitled to receive a welcome bonus of up to 30 euros, which the player gets once he funds his account on the site with a minimum of 10 euros in addition to placing a bet.

Loyal player rewards

There are also many different rewards for Egyptian bettors, such as a 100% money-back bonus, and the 100th bet bonus. Do not forget the loyalty program which is allocated to recurring players on the site, as it gives many loyalty points to each player after each deposit on the site.


On this page, we have provided you with a comprehensive guide to online sport betting sites in Egypt. Here we covered the best sports you can bet on, the financial tools you can use, and the best bonuses you can get. As this page was so informative we advise you to bookmark it and visit it back whenever you need to remember any information about online sport betting. If you want to know more information about the best online sport betting sites, we recommend that you check out the full list of sites available here.

FAQ About Online Betting Sites

Is 1xbet Vodafone cash available in Egypt? Can Egyptian bettors use Vodafone cash as a payment method on 1xbet’s platform?

The answer is Yes. 1xbet does offer Vodafone cash as a payment method, for Egyptian bettors. We recommend utilizing additional payment methods as well that are just as great as Vodafone cash such as Ecopayz, Neteller, bitcoin, and credit/debit cards. It is essential to choose the payment method that best suits your needs and preferences while ensuring its availability and security on the 1xbet platform.

Do online sport betting sites accept players from Egypt?

Yes, all the reliable online sport betting sites that we recommend here accept players from the Arab Republic of Egypt.

What financial means can I use in online sport betting sites?

Online sport betting players can transact using a wide range of financial instruments including: Payeer, AstroPay, ecoPayz, QIWI, Neteller, Skrill, Web Money, Visa, Mastercard. Often also you can make your financial transactions using cryptocurrencies.

What sports are available at online sport betting sites?

Online sport betting sites support a wide range of sports including: (Football, Formula 1, American Football, Tennis, Athletics, Alpine Skiing, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Riding Cycling, Archery, Hockey, Futsal, Golf, Greyhounds, Handball, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, MMA, Auto Racing, Speedway, Olympic Games).

What are the bonuses offered by online sport betting sites?

Online sport betting sites offer welcome bonuses, free betting offers, cash back bonuses and much more but this can be different from one country to another for example 1xbet which is one of the sports betting sites in Egypt that is available offers a decent welcome bonus to Egyptian bettors that other countries are not eligible to get.

What are online sport betting sites?

Online sport betting sites are virtual betting agents that operate on the Internet and that you can access using your smartphone, tablet, computer or any other device connected to the Internet. These sites cover an average of 30 sports and they give their customers a wide range of promotions and generous bonuses.