Football Betting in Egypt

This is our expert guide to online football betting in Egypt. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about football betting, including reviews of the best sites, information on the types of markets you can bet on, types to bet on and much more. We have prepared for you a list of the best football betting sites in Egypt.

We will start with our ranking, we will analyze each site in turn, and we will look at what it offers, the features of each provider of football betting in Egypt, but also at the best bonuses and available events. Then we’ll move on to some useful betting tips. So keep reading.

Football Betting in Egypt

Popular Football Betting Sites in Egypt

Now we will go through more detailed information about the leading football betting sites on which players from Egypt can bet. In the reviews of individual sites, we looked in detail at what they offer, their pros and cons, and so on.

1. Melbet – The Best Football Betting Site in Egypt

The best place in our rating belongs to the Melbet site. When it comes to football betting in Egypt, you can find everything you need here, from various world to regional leagues and competitions. Excellent odds and various betting options. You have the opportunity to bet on more than 1,000 matches every day and you can even bet on electric and virtual football.

2. 1xbet – Top Bonuses for Egyptian Punters

This football betting site is originally prepared. The whole theme of the 1xbet platform revolves around football. When betting on football, you can choose from many leagues from around the world, including smaller local leagues. You also have many other sports to choose from and bookmaker games are also part of the site.

How to Join the Football Betting Sites?

Now we will show you a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to register on these sites and start betting.

Step 1. Register

Go to the desired page, click on the option to register and fill in the required data.

Step 2. Deposit

Go to the cashier section, where you choose the required payment method and the amount you want to deposit. Most sites have a minimum deposit set at €10.

Step 3. Place Your Bets

After the money has been credited to your account, you can start betting. Find the desired match in the menu and place a bet.

Step 4. Withdraw Your Winnings

After you have won and fulfilled the betting conditions, you can withdraw your winnings, go to the withdrawal option and enter the payment method and the amount you want to withdraw.

Top Football Betting Sites in Egypt

  • Melbet

Melbet is an ideal site for all football punters in Egypt. This provider of football betting in Egypt offers a great range of bonuses and promotions for its players, supports many payment methods, has several betting markets available, and processes payments within 15 minutes or so.

In addition to football, you can also bet on more than 40 other sports, including e-sports and various events happening around the world. At the same time, the site also includes an online provider of football betting in Egypt, a live bookmaker and slot machines, where you can choose from various gambling games.

The advantage of this site is the Arabic interface, simple navigation on the site and a clear menu. The minimum deposit is $10 and you have many payment methods for transactions. In addition to the welcome bonus, you will also find many other promotions on the site, including, for example, reload bonuses, weekly top-up rewards and sports jackpots of up to $15,000.

  • 1xbet

Launched in 2007, 1xbet is one of the most popular football betting sites currently available on the scene. This website is managed and operated by 1xCorp N.V. 1xbet holds a license issued by the Curaçao Gambling Commission and is very popular in the Arab Republic of Egypt. In addition, the site has entered into partnerships with many clubs and sports entities such as (FC Barcelona, Olympique Lyonnais, which is the first sponsor of the Italian League, the Spanish League, the Brazilian Premier League, and the Confederation of African Football).

The site accepts players in more than 100 countries around the world, led by the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The platform offers its Egyptian patrons more than 60 shows to choose from, and it shows more than 60,000 events per month, more than 500 major league football markets before the match, in addition to dozens of payment methods.

The minimum deposit is $10, which can be made using various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies. The site offers a huge number of promotions and bonuses.

Comparison of Their Strengths & Weaknesses

In fact, both 1xbet and Melbet are excellent options for all Egyptian punters. However, like everything else in life, each bookmaker has its pros and cons which you should take into consideration before you decide to register with it.

Firstly, 1xbet covers football and more than 50 other sports and supports betting options on more than 60,000 events per month. Moreover, the average profit offered by the site to the winning players is 97%. There are also over 500 football betting markets available daily here. 1xbet offers more than 500 football betting markets.

The site also supports partial and full cash-out features, and has the advantage of live streaming, especially on virtual sports. The site also supports more than 140 payment methods. The minimum deposit and withdrawal here start from $1. However, the most prominent feature of this site is that it supports the Egyptian pound and thus you can make your payments using Vodafone Cash, Etisalat Pay and InstaPay.

Deposits are made in record time, and withdrawals are processed very quickly. The site offers applications available for download on Android, iOS and Windows devices. However, on the negative side, 1xbet is clearly outdated, there are no special offers for betting on the Egyptian league and it can also seem complicated to inexperienced punters.

Secondly, Melbet is in second place but not far behind 1xbet. In fact, these sites offer generous bonuses, have a user-friendly interface, are compatible with all mobile devices, and offer very high winning limits. Melbet supports Arabic and more than 50 other languages. Live streaming, cash withdrawal and mobile app betting are some of the features that you can take advantage of as a Melbet customer. The site offers its new visitors a special welcome bonus and registered players also get a lot of special bonuses. However, on the downside, the site places restrictions on withdrawals.

How to Football Betting Safely in Egypt?

In fact, most football betting sites are completely safe. However, you should not put your guard down as the security and confidentiality of your personal data is your own responsibility which you should not ignore. In general, on your part, you should use a secured phone or PC, set your own betting budget and not exceed it under any circumstances. Moreover, you should ensure the security of your sports betting site by checking the following criteria:

Use Comparison Portals

One of the best ways to separate the wheat from the chaff and choose a trustworthy online bookmaker is to use a comparison site, like Arabswin. Among other things, a portal with experiences and test reports is helpful to find a provider of football betting in Egypt which offers both good bonuses and is reputable. Both are factors that should be considered when choosing an online bookmaker, but when it comes to security, the second aspect is particularly important.

Never Enter Sensitive Data at an Unencrypted Bookmaker

In principle, you can assume that every reputable provider of football betting in Egypt in Egypt has SSL encryption to protect sensitive data such as credit card data. Nevertheless, you should always check whether there is a U-lock on the left of the search bar. If there is one, the website or the online football betting site is equipped with SSL encryption. Such protects against the tricks of hackers and thus allows the input of sensitive data. At the very least, it’s far less likely that an incident will occur.

Use a Strong Password

Normally you will create an account in an online bookmaker where the money from your deposits and winnings is kept. Of course, it is not in your interest for cybercriminals to gain access to this account. For this reason, you should only use secure passwords for your accounts in online providers of football betting in Egypt, as these are, of course, a popular target. Distance yourself from passwords such as names, birthdays or series of numbers. Instead, rely on combinations that cannot be guessed even with technological help.

Perform Updates Regularly

Admittedly, updates can be annoying in some situations and a real killer. However, they are important because they usually result in system improvements. This is relevant so that no security gaps arise, which makes it much more difficult for cybercriminals. After all, in the past, there have often been cyber-attacks related to missing updates. So don’t leave this option open, but take care of updating operating systems, browsers, etc.

What Do You Expect From the Egypt Football Betting Sites?

After reading our recommendations for the best providers of football betting in Egypt, you may be wondering how we came to our conclusions. Here are some of the criteria we took into account when evaluating sites:

Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are a way to attract new customers and retain long-term players. With each review, we have mentioned the best and most interesting offers that football betting sites have to offer. These include entry bonuses, free bets, cashback, in-match cashout and more. The conditions for individual bonuses differ, so read carefully what you need to do to get the bonus.

Mobile App

A site like Melbet offers its own betting application for Android and iOS mobile devices. However, if one of the listed sites does not offer its own application, you can use the bookmaker’s platform through your browser. All sites on the list are optimized to work on mobiles and tablets.

Wide Range of Betting Markets

For the greatest satisfaction of the players, the football betting site should offer as many different competitions as possible. From the biggest world leagues and tournaments to small local competitions. Also important are favourable odds for upcoming and live matches.


Last but not least, safety is very important. The site must be secure because you are depositing funds and personal information on it. All the sites we mentioned use the latest security technology and are licensed by reputable gambling authorities.

Customer Service

One of the most important criteria is certainly customer service. The sites we reviewed all have a live chat option that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It should also be possible to contact customer support via email.

Payment Methods for Egypt in Football Betting

The selection of payment methods has emerged as a unique selling point for providers of football betting in Egypt in recent years. Online providers of football betting in Egypt such as 1xbet attach great importance to offering users as many and, above all, the most widespread payment options.

 At this point, the majority of us have probably paid for something online, and to make things easier, we probably chose a payment method that suited us. 

From credit and debit cards to e-wallets – the range of providers of football betting in Egypt payment methods today is extensive. Fortunately, when it comes to bookie’s payment methods, there is a wide selection of different options to choose from. Below, we listed the best payment methods available at providers of football betting in Egypt:

  • Visa – Probably the most accepted card payment method at online providers of football betting in Egypt, offering fast deposit and security.
  • MasterCard – It should be noted that you can usually only deposit at a bookmaker in Egypt using MasterCard.
  • Maestro – Just like MasterCard, it is rare that you can make a withdrawal from a betting site with Maestro. 
  • EntroPay – Works like a virtual Visa card and is also prepaid. This means that even those with payment complaints can apply for the card without problems.
  • Skrill – Formerly known as MoneyBookers. This payment method is accepted today at most Egyptian betting sites for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Neteller – It is specially designed for online gambling and remains one of the leading online betting payment methods when it comes to e-wallets. You can deposit and withdraw with Neteller, and it’s fast too.
  • PayPal – Among the most popular e-wallets in Egypt we find PayPal, a very flexible method that secures your payments. The transactions are also free of charge.
  • Paysafecard – The most popular method available at online providers of football betting in Egypt when you want to use value codes is Paysafecard. You can easily buy your card online or via a local retailer and then fill in the unique 16-digit code at your online betting site.
  • EcoPayz – Has partnered with MasterCard to deliver their cashless card – EcoCard. This allows you to transfer money online instantly. You can apply for an EcoCard without needing a bank account.

Types of Football Bets Available in Egypt

If you are new to the world of football betting in Egypt then you will encounter some terms that you may not understand at first. So that you can get started right away, we have collected and explained the most important terms for you here:


The most classic way to bet on football in Egypt. You simply have to bet on the home team, the away team or if it will be a draw. No weirdness!

Both Teams to Score

You often see BLGM or BTTS when reading betting tips for football. It simply means both teams to score. The game format is a two-way game format where you need to decide if both teams score or not. 


A form of wager that is about how many goals there will be during regular time. In football betting, the most common “line” is usually 2.5 goals.


It is becoming more and more popular with special bets on football. Special bets are usually a more blurred market, which can lead to huge winnings or catastrophic losses. For example, the number of passes by a player, the number of throw-ins in the match or how many shots a player makes are some examples of special games in football betting in Egypt.


In the past, it has not been possible to combine multiple bets on the same match or several matches, but the bet-builder has made it possible. For example, you can bet on Liverpool to win, get over 7.5 corners and at the same time get at least 1.5 yellow cards.

Tips for Successful Football Betting in Egypt

With the following collection of professional football betting tips, you can learn important things about betting on football in Egypt. These tips are suitable for both beginners and advanced football punters. Because even if you already have some experience in football betting, there will definitely be one or two tips that you can use to further improve your football betting strategy.

  • Shop for the best odds. To get the highest winnings from football betting in Egypt, you should be patient and shop for the best odds at multiple providers of football betting in Egypt.
  • Choose Your Stakes Amounts wisely. We recommend that you bet with small amounts, rather than wagering your entire bankroll on one bet, even if you think that you’ve found the best betting opportunity, don’t bet with more than 1% of your bankroll.
  • Gather a lot of information. To be successful in football betting in the long term, you should gather as much inside information as possible. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to limit yourself to a few leagues, because otherwise you quickly lose track of football matches. It is best to create your own tables in Excel to bundle the information yourself in one place. This makes it quick and easy to look up and update the information you’re looking for.
  • Analyze your success with football bets. It is also important that you keep track of the stakes and winnings. You can use the professional “bet tracker” to do this. If you place the bets through our system, the stakes and winnings are recorded directly in the system. You can view all data in one place across platforms and analyze it in detail with the help of our tools in order to improve your strategy by trial and error method.
  • Keep an eye on up-and-coming players. A good trick for successful football betting is to find out all about young up-and-coming players and their performance. Many young players today make the pro squad at the age of 16 or 17 and often turn the league upside down at the beginning of their first professional career, driven by youthful ambition.

Responsible Gambling in Egypt

Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and we’ve all heard stories of lucky gamblers doing well. But the effects of problem gambling can be devastating – for both individuals and families. 

Responsible online providers of football betting in Egypt provide tools such as deposit limits, wagering limits and self-exclusion options to identify and combat problem gambling. They also work with organizations that offer gambling addiction help and provide information and resources to support gamers.

Of course, gambling involves dangers, but they can be countered with appropriate protective measures. We are determined to do our part.

Many people find it difficult to admit that they need help, but nobody has to be ashamed of that, because only those who ask for help can be helped. Aid organizations are available to provide advice and assistance to players who are struggling with gambling problems.

But there are also some things you can do yourself to be responsible with gambling. These include the following:

Deposit Limits

In order to protect punters in Egypt, the online bookmaker must give their players the opportunity to set deposit limits. So you can choose how much you want to deposit per month or week before you play the first game. This helps you to keep a better eye on your expenses in the bookmaker and you don’t have to travel back to money that you need to live on.

Breaks & Self-Exclusion

If you think that you’re losing control of your gambling behaviour, you should exclude yourself from the bookmaker. If this does not help, you should consider requesting a self-exclusion from customer service.

Mobile Betting in Egypt

Before you can think about which match you would like to play in the mobile football betting site in Egypt, you first have to be clear about how to access the bookmaker from your mobile. Is there a downloadable app or the virtual bookmaker can be accessed from the web browser?

The range of betting markets offered by online providers of football betting in Egypt is usually the same as the selection on the desktop version. This is because the latest technologies have been used, which make it possible to place bets without any problems. With older providers of football betting in Egypt, you may find fewer matches in the mobile bookmaker than on the desktop version.

Customer Support for Egyptian Football Bettors

Every day new online providers of football betting in Egypt pop up everywhere. Some providers of football betting in Egypt will do everything in their power to stand out from the crowd by investing in the most innovative designs, but what you really need in an online bookmaker is a reliable customer support team.

A responsive and helpful customer support agent can make your day – especially if you have problems withdrawing your money at an online bookmaker.

So what do you get if a customer service team is good? Plenty. Imagine you’ve just won a huge jackpot and are having trouble cashing it out. Who should you call? No, not them. Customer service, of course. Anyone is easy to contact, quick to respond and available 24/7. A helpful technical support team will listen to your situation, offer helpful solutions, and immediately work to resolve the issue. Without that kind of first aid, you would simply be lost.

On the other hand, you’ve probably encountered online betting site support agents who seemed in a hurry to turn you away, probably due to a large number of requests. However, if you feel that you are not treated nicely and helpfully, you probably won’t be happy with their overall service and such an unpleasant experience can make you change your mind about the whole bookmaker pretty quickly. And not entirely undeserved.

Legal Considerations for Football Betting in Egypt

The Tourist and Hotel Establishments Law, which was ratified by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, after its approval by the House of Representatives, prohibits the practice of gambling games in establishments except for non-Egyptians and punishes the violator with a fine of up to 500,000 EGP, imprisonment, and a double fine for repeating. However, recently, betting shops and casino facilities have begun to allow Egyptians to enter and use the local currency, especially since foreign tourism has declined after the spread of the Coronavirus. However, for virtual gambling activities, Egyptian law never addresses gambling in sports betting sites and online casinos at all.

For more protection, we advise you to take the following two steps:

First, you must use a VPN application to secure your access to the sports betting site. This way, the Egyptian authorities cannot track or trace your online activities. However, we should reiterate that the government does not even pursue online sports bettors!

Secondly, it is safer and better for you to use mobile wallets to conduct your financial transactions at Egyptian football betting sites. 1xbet and Melbet support Vodafone Cash, Etisalat Cash, Orange Pay and InstaPay. In this way, you will not encounter any obstacles when conducting your financial transactions.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Football Betting in Egypt

❓ Can I use a Free Bet as an accumulator?

Yes, in fact some free bets are exclusively for combined bets, you can find promotions for combined bets that in case you lose the bet will return the credit in free bets.

❓ Can I place football bets for today?

Yes, there are a large number of matches taking place every day, the providers of football betting in Egypt allow you to choose between many events a day and if you wish you can also make live bets, and thus take advantage of the markets that are emerging live.

❓ What do plus / minus signs mean in football betting?

This type of bet allows you to predict the results of the match on the amount proposed by the bookmaker, so you can bet if you think that the number of goals will be greater or less than the established number, either by times or in the final result.

❓ Does overtime count for football bets?

Unless stated otherwise, overtime doesn’t count in football betting markets.

Football is, and will remain, the national sport in Egypt and it is therefore not surprising that football bets are among the most popular bets of all. The reason for this lies in the long tradition of football in Egypt.

Hardly any other country has as many local football clubs as Egypt. The Egypt League is therefore one of the strongest and financially strongest football leagues in the Middle East.

We will explain everything you need to make successful football bets. We will go into the special features of football matches as well as tips and tricks with which you can trick the football betting sites in Egypt.

Every year tens of thousands of dollars are won worldwide from football betting and you shouldn’t stand by and watch anymore. Become active and successfully enter the sports betting business!

Betting laws in Egypt

Egypt, along with Lebanon, is one of the most open Arab countries to traditional gambling activities. To promote tourism, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in the 1970s legalized the establishment of casinos in hotels and tourist resorts. With time, contests, sweepstakes, and various other forms of gambling were also legalized. Today, Egyptian sports bettors can see 1xbet ads in African football matches in which Egyptian teams participate. Moreover, Egyptian law did not prohibit virtual gambling or online betting.


We hope that our football betting guide has given you a good overview and that you are now able to successfully start football betting on your own. It is best to approach slowly. Place your first bets and carefully keep track of your winnings and losses. In this way, you will quickly understand the principle and become more and more successful. 

Use different channels to be provided with reliable and good information in the league of your choice. A small information advantage can quickly give you a decisive advantage over the providers of football betting in Egypt. We wish you good luck and success! Bet on football in Egypt now!