Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the most dynamic and exciting team sports. It is not uncommon for us to experience many twists and turns during the game, including a nerve-wracking final phase. The decision is often only made in the final seconds of the game. As with all sports, it is important for basketball betting enthusiasts to minimize the unpredictability and unpredictability of this ball game as much as possible. In addition to the great fun, long-term profits should also be possible with the right basketball betting strategy. Before you place your first bet, it is important to find the best basketball betting provider.

Leading Basketball Betting Sites

In the next few sections we will give you an overview of the most important factors that you need to consider when making your bet selection. You can try basketball betting games from all over the world at basketball betting sites. Although the games from the NBA and thus also the NBA betting strategy are particularly in the focus of interest, the following points are not only valid in the best league in the world. They are also applicable to all other leagues around the globe. With the correct analysis of the following points, the chances of profitable basketball betting increase.

Types of Basketball Betting Options

Let’s start our journey through the basketball betting types with the markets that will accompany you constantly at the best basketball betting sites. This category also includes over/under bets, to which we have dedicated an extra chapter due to the wide range of possible uses.

Winner (2-Way Bet)

The win bet is about predicting the winner of the game. If the match ends in a draw after regulation time, the bet still stands. The final result including a possible overtime is decisive for the evaluation of this type of bet. If your favorite only wins after overtime, your 2-way bet is still successful.

Basketball Betting 1X2 (3-Way Bet)

The classic 3-way bet, which you mainly know from the football betting markets, is not so widespread. In basketball betting 1X2, the result counts after regular time. Thus, the game can also end in a draw. In basketball betting, however, a draw is rare, which explains the comparatively high betting odds for this option.

Basketball Betting Spread / Handicap 

Spread bets are deeply rooted in US sports in particular and are the American version of the handicap. The handicap in basketball betting work almost exactly like the betting market of the same name in football . In basketball betting spread, a team is given a notional advantage or deficit. This can be expressed in both whole and half numbers and must be added to or subtracted from the final result (including possible overtime). If the game ends in a draw with the spread specification, you get your stake back.

Important Points

After we have listed the most important points for the development of a basketball betting strategy in the previous chapters, we now emphasize the key points again. To play as profitably as possible, you should never lose sight of these factors.

Note the Peculiarities of the Different Leagues

When betting on basketball, you need to be aware that different leagues and tournaments have their own specific characteristics. Just think of the differences between the rules of the NBA and the world governing body FIBA. The length of the playing time and the distance of the 3-point line are just two examples.

Usually the Clear Favorite Wins

In sport, surprises are often the salt in the soup. In basketball betting, however, the differences in many leagues are so significant that the winner of the game is almost certain before the game even starts. In such cases, you still have the handicap options as an alternative for your tips.

A Team Sport, But the Individual Performance Is Crucial!

Basketball is a team sport and team unity is a key success factor. Nevertheless, the stars usually decide the games and their names are closely linked to the title wins. Just think of LeBron James’ NBA wins with the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

NBA Betting Strategy – The Zig-Zag Theory!

The Zig-Zag theory goes back to the legendary sports bettor Tony Salinas and is applicable to the play-off phase of the NBA. At its core, this relatively simple basketball betting strategy states that the team that lost the previous game will go into the following game with higher motivation and therefore better odds. In addition, basketball betting sites often under-quote the winning team of the last game. That’s why Salinas recommends betting on the team that lost their last match. If a victory is followed by a defeat, a zig-zag pattern would emerge, which gives the theory its name. In his remarks, Salinas pointed out that if the away team wins the first game in the series, three out of four times the home team will win the following game. If a team is in the series with 0: 2 back the chance of the first win is relatively high. In around 60 percent of the cases, the outsider was able to make his home start victorious. It is important to know for this theory that the playoffs are played in best-of-seven mode and the better team of the regular season starts with two home games. Then the lower-placed team will play twice at home. If the series is undecided by then, the venue changes from game to game thereafter. Then the lower-placed team will play twice at home. If the series is undecided by then, the venue changes from game to game thereafter. Then the lower-placed team will play twice at home. If the series is undecided by then, the venue changes from game to game thereafter.

The Best Basketball Betting Sites on the Internet

To believe that there are no major differences between the individual basketball betting sites is undoubtedly a fallacy. Every bookmaker has its strengths and weaknesses.  But how can we recognize a very good basketball bookmaker? To answer this question, we took a close look at the basketball betting sites using objective selection criteria.


Although 1xbet mainly focuses on football betting, it offers an impressive range of basketball betting options. Here you will find the NBA side by side with the European, Arab, African basketball championships, and many other championships.


Final Bet is one of the best Arabic sports betting sites out there. This site was launched in 2013 and has an abundance of betting options on basketball, especially the NBA championship.


Melbet has a wide range of great features. It is an easy-to-use site that is compatible with all smartphones and tablets, gives its users a special set of rewards, and covers a wide range of basketball tournaments.


Betwinner offers many great basketball betting options including moneyline, over/under, handicap, and accumulator bets. This site covers a wide range of leagues, the most important of which is the NBA.

Popular Banking Options for Arab Players

Arab gamblers can use a wide range of payment methods to make their deposits and withdrawals at basketball betting sites. Among the most prominent financial means that you can use are:

Bank cards

Bank cards are the obvious and ideal choice for Arab gamblers, as they are available to all Arab users who have bank accounts. Moreover, there are several types of bank cards which include debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards.


Arab players can use e-wallets to protect their accounts as well as for faster financial transactions. Some of the most popular types of e-wallets that you can use on sports betting sites are Skrill, Neteller, and MuchBetter.

Digital Currencies

Although cryptocurrencies are the newest option in the gambling industry, they have gained immense popularity due to their special features which include fast transaction processing, zero fees, and usability on smartphones and tablets.

How to Create an Account and Start Betting on Basketball?

In order to start betting on basketball, redeem bonuses, and other perks, it is necessary for the player to create an account at a reputable bookmaker. For this, check out the following step by step that is very simple:

  • Visit the bookmaker website;
  • Click on “Create Account”;
  • Fill in the requested data (name, email, phone number, and currency);
  • Click on “Create Account”;

Making a deposit is also simple and intuitive, taking less than 5 minutes:

  • you must access the platform and log in to your account;
  • Select “Deposit”;
  • Choose the desired payment method and fill in the requested data;
  • Confirm the action by clicking on “ Deposit ”.

Special Offers for Basketball Sports Betting

Although it is not as widespread as in football, bookmakers also have some offers and promotions for basketball bets. Some providers lure with weekly promotions. But a whole range of them also have daily changing offers in their program. To stay up to date, it is worth checking the relevant basketball betting sites regularly. So, you are guaranteed not to miss any of the lucrative offers. They include increased odds or free bets. With these, for example, the sports betting provider gives you a free bet – up to a certain amount – equal to the stake of your lost bet.

As known from other sports, you can also enjoy a combination bonus in basketball. From a corresponding number of games you will receive a percentage surcharge on your profit. The more games you combine, the greater this percentage.

How to Place Your First Bet on Basketball Matches?

Immediately after registering at one of the reliable sports betting sites that we previously recommended, you will be able to bet on any game in the NBA or any other basketball tournament. All you have to do is just follow these simple steps:

  • Choose the match from the home page or search for it;
  • Now, click on the match;
  • Choose the bet you want to place;
  • Determine the value of the bet to know the value of the potential profit;
  • Confirm the operation;
  • Now enjoy watching the event and wait for the outcome!

In order to maintain your budget and enjoy betting for as long as possible, take advantage of the bonuses that sports betting sites offer you.


At the end of this page we would like to point out once again that the same applies to basketball: knowledge is power. With good research and analysis, you create the basic requirements for the development of a successful basketball betting strategy. Don’t dance at all weddings, but focus on one or just a few leagues. Collects all important information from these leagues and evaluates them in a targeted manner. A variety of statistical information is also available to you for this purpose. Take a close look at the stress and form curves of the teams. Always keep an eye on the key players and then look for the right bets. You catch possible setbacks with good money management.


Who is the best basketball bookmaker?

Most basketball betting providers have an extensive basketball program. However, the bookmakers differ in terms of odds, live bets and bonus promotions. You can see which betting portals were most convincing in our test in the best basketball betting provider ranking.

What are the bookmakers’ basketball odds?

The highest basketball odds await you in the most popular tournaments such as the NBA, the EuroLeague or the Champions League. With payouts of over 95% in some cases, you have attractive chances of winning with your tips.

Are basketball live bets offered by Arabian bookmakers?

Tips on the NBA, the Champions League or all other leagues are not only possible before the start of the games. Thanks to the numerous live basketball bets on offer, you can also place your sports bets during the ongoing duels.