Football Betting

Football is by far the most popular and important sport in Arab countries in 2024, and football betting accordingly play a central role for many sports betting fans. In our big football betting provider comparison, we take a close look at the odds, live bets and the betting markets.

Best Football Betting Sites 

Due to their increasing popularity, they are becoming more and more relevant, especially for internet betting. In our guide you will find a lot of information, tips and strategies that will allow you the best gaming opportunities.

In the following paragraphs we will first deal with the criteria for selecting the best football betting sites. The following pages are dedicated to all important aspects of the world of football betting and provide answers to all basic questions.

Types of Football Betting Markets

It is no secret. For many punters, the main bet on 1X2 is still the most popular football betting market. The vast majority of football bets are played on victory, draw or defeat. However, it is true that the bets are not always easy to assess or analyze due to the 3-way option.

There are always surprises in football in the truest sense of the word. It is therefore important that the football betting sites can come up with additional betting markets. The best football bookmakers have several hundred betting options to choose from for each match. We would like to briefly present the most important betting options as follows:

  • Double chance: In the double chance, two outcome probabilities are summarized in one odd, specifically – 1X (home win and draw), X2 (draw and away win) and 12 (home and away win).

  • Draw No Bet bets: The Draw No Bet bets exclude the tie. You can only bet on win or loss in the 2-way market. If the game ends in a draw, your bet will be refunded by the bookmaker.

  • Goals Over/Under Betting: The classic Goals Over/Under offer is the+/-2.5 bet. The question is: Will there be at least three or a maximum of two goals in the game. The goals of both teams are added together. The over/under options are available in different levels and again separately for both teams.

  • Both teams to score: The “both teams to score” bet is currently quite popular football betting market. You can bet yes or no. All that matters is that both teams score. Victory or defeat is irrelevant for bet evaluation.

  • Half-time/Full-time bets: The Half-time/Full-time bets are offered as AND and OR bets. In the AND version, your prediction at the break and after 90 minutes must be correct. With the OR bet, your team must be in the lead at half-time or at the end.

Factors to Consider When Betting on Football

Many bettors focus primarily on the big major leagues and the most important tournaments. The Premier League in England, Serie A in Italy, La Liga in Spain, the Bundesliga in Germany, Ligue 1 in France and of course the UEFA Champions League are the focus of interest.  In addition, it is undoubtedly an advantage for you if the football betting sites make a large offer available to you.

In the other major European football countries, the offer is not limited to the top leagues alone, but extends far down into the lower divisions and also includes junior and women’s competitions. There are also incredible football betting opportunities beyond the European borders. All continents are comprehensively covered with numerous countries. So you can enjoy football betting around the clock. By the way, you will also find the popular transfer bets in the portfolio of many betting portals.

The Best Football Betting Strategies

One of the most valuable tips for newcomers to football betting is finding the right football betting strategy. Plan your stakes and the type of tips in advance and start with small stakes. The most important football betting tip is to always keep statistics on the results of your football bets. So you can see for yourself how profitable your tips are and, thanks to the initially low stakes, not too high a risk. If you then notice that you are getting good results with your football betting tips, you can adjust your stakes accordingly or look for weaknesses in your strategy in the event of persistent failures.

Another valuable football betting tip is to leave out emotions and affiliations. While it may be difficult to bet against the club you support, if you see the opponent as a clear favorite, you are better off betting on them. The general rule of thumb is that when typing, rationality should always be prioritized over emotionality. 

Before you start football betting, you should also consider what type of tips suit you best. Combination bets with a high total odds but relatively low probability of winning, bets on individual games with high stakes or always exciting live bets. It is advisable not to mix everything up but to become an “expert” in one area of ​​football betting. This and other factors can help you achieve better betting results in the long run.

The Best Football Betting Sites on the Internet

In the Arab countries alone there are over 100 different sports betting providers that you can register with! However, this colossal number of football betting sites may make it harder for novice bettors to find a suitable destination. To make it easier for you, below we have recommended the best 5 football betting sites:


In our comparison of the best online football betting providers, 1xbet was able to convince in all points. Particularly noteworthy is the very good sports betting offer, which is ideal for fans of European and non-European leagues. The betting depth offered by this bookmaker is impressive, because at 1xbet you can place football bets up to the amateur league.

In addition, 1xbet impresses with a very good odds key for football bets of up to 95% and also offers an excellent offer for football live bets. Thanks to the Arabic-speaking customer service, this bookmaker is ideal for Arab gamblers and 1xbet excels in the field of football betting and has earned the championship title in our comparison of the best football betting providers, as it was able to convince in all points.


In addition to the very good sports betting offer for football betting, Betfinal also impresses with an excellent selection of football live bets, which gives the provider very good points compared to other football betting sites. Because especially in the supreme discipline of football, Betfinal impresses with a large selection of football live bets, in national as well as international leagues , which makes the provider extremely interesting for soccer fans.

In addition, Betfinal leaves nothing to be desired if you want to place special bets on football, because the football betting has a large number of special bets, even if they like to give unusual bets.

YYY Sport

As the third-placed provider in our comparison, YYY Sport impresses with its large football betting offer, which is ideal for fans of all leagues worldwide.

The live betting offer for football betting is also impressive, as YYY Sport offers a large selection of live bets. In addition, YYY Sport impresses with a very good odds key for football bets of up to 93%, which performs excellently in comparison. 

Thanks to the Arabic-speaking customer service, YYY Sport is great for Arab players who do not want to do without convincing support when placing their bet on the best provider for football betting. 


Despite that Melbet comes in the fourth place in our list for the best football betting sites, it may be your first choice if you’re searching for a huge range of betting markets, countless types of bets, constantly high odds in every league, a lucrative bonus and constant new promotions offer the best complete package and make every sports betting fan happy. But even off the beaten track, a convincing range of sports and casinos awaits you.


Betwinner is a bookmaker your way as it offers everything that any bettor craves. This site offers excellent odds, user-friendly platform, generous bonuses, handy mobile app, +1,000 betting markets daily, competitive odds. Also, it offers diverse deposit options.

Popular Banking Options for Arab Players

The ability to deposit quickly, easily and securely at football betting sites is one of the most prominent features that all gamblers around the world look for. Fortunately, football betting sites support a wide range of payment methods that you can choose from freely. However, the number of available methods can be overwhelming so, to help you choose the right one for you, we have reviewed the best payment methods for sports betting sites below.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are still one of the most popular deposit methods at sports betting sites since they are the number one alternative to cash. Fortunately, all sports betting sites accept all types of credit cards, even those issued in Arab countries. Debit cards are also a popular option in Arab countries where players can use various means such as Switch, Maestro, Visa Electron and Visa Debit.


Neteller is one of the best and most widely used eWallets for deposits and withdrawals at sports betting sites. This method ensures that your financial transactions are always processed securely and quickly.


ecoPayz is an advanced financial instrument that is very popular in the Arab countries. This tool supports more than 40 currencies, and you can use it freely in all Arab countries. Moreover, there is no risk in relying on this medium to conduct your financial transactions.

How to Register & Make a Deposit at Online Football Betting Site?

Follow these steps to place your first football bet:

After choosing a suitable bookmaker, click on the blue Play Now button and begin the registration process.

First of all, you will find that the bookmaker wants to know if you want to play with a welcome bonus or not.

After you have decided here, enter your e-mail address, the country you are registering from and a current phone number. You can still choose here whether you want to receive promotional offers from the football betting site or not.

On the next page you decide on a user name and a password. You will need both for future registrations.

Now enter your complete data, which must be truthful, such as age and address. Attest that you are at least 18 years old and agree to the Terms and Conditions.  Now click on the green button “Create account”

As a customer of the football betting site, you can now deposit money into your player account and start betting on football online. To do this, select a payment method that suits you best and enter a minimum amount of €10. Once the amount is credited to the players account, they can start placing bets.

You can now place your first football bet. You are free to bet on a specific result, the outcome of the game or the number of goals, or to venture straight into the numerous combination bets.

Football Betting Sites Bonuses

The sports betting market in the Arab countries is highly competitive. That is why the football betting providers invest a lot of money in the advertising measures and advertise various offers and promotions. The most extensive bonus is always the betting bonus for new customers, which is granted upon registration.

Existing customers can enjoy regular odds boosts from various providers. Increased football odds are offered on selected games. If you are successful, you can look forward to a bigger prize.

A profit increase is also possible with a bonus for combination bets. The football betting sites offer you a percentage surcharge on the profit. The more games you combine with each other, the higher the winning amount increases. For example, some providers even double the yield with a combination of twelve games.

Another popular offer from bookmakers is the money-back guarantee. Here you get your stake back if certain events occur (for example, if the final result is 0:0). There are many other football betting offers, so each of you should make a betting provider bonus comparison.

How to Place Your First Bet on Football Match?

Check Betting Offer

Choosing a top football bookmaker starts with looking at their betting offerings. In addition to all the popular leagues, the “smaller” divisions should also be available.

Check Odds

The higher the odds, the bigger the winnings. Only a football betting provider with consistently lucrative odds should be considered.

Review Betting Markets

1X2 tips or over/under 2.5 predictions are standard. But what about goalscorer bets? Best football bookmakers have well over 100 betting markets. Now, you can choose your betting market, enter the bet amount, and confirm it.


Sports betting of any kind, but especially football betting, is immensely popular in Arab countries these days. If you also want to approach the topic of football betting, it is advisable to work through a few points as part of your preparation. The first question should therefore be: Which league is right for you? If you are a fan of a football league yourself and watch the games regularly, you will certainly have a better feeling for the strength of the teams and individual players. In any case, this has the advantage that you can estimate your favorites without having to do a lot of research on each individual game. This also makes tips away from classic result bets, such as those on goal scorers, handicap bets or half-time/full-time bets, more plausible.

Once you have decided on one or more leagues, the next step is to think about the right strategy for your bets. If you are new to football betting, you should adjust your stake accordingly at the beginning. If you keep a book of your results on top of that, you can very quickly estimate how profitable your tips are and adjust your stakes accordingly.

The football odds are the highest compared to other sports. The best betting providers sometimes have odds of 97 percent in the top leagues.


Is Online Football Betting Safe?

Answering this question depends on the perspective of the questioner. If security means security of profit, the answer is clearly no. Football is never predictable. It only takes a team, or even a single player, to have a bad day for an important match to end dramatically. The amount of a possible profit is even less predictable. Nobody can give you a guarantee, which is why you should not bet money that you do not have. Nevertheless, practice shows that players can definitely make profits.
If, on the other hand, this question means whether football betting games are serious leisure fun, the answer is: Yes Make sure that your bookmaker can show a valid gambling license.

Do Online Bookmakers Offer a Soccer Betting Bonus?

Yes. If you look at the bookmakers’ promotional offers, it becomes clear that almost every promotion is related to king football. The normal sports betting bonus for new customers can of course also be unlocked with the football bets.

How high are the football odds of the betting providers?

The football odds are the highest compared to other sports. The best betting providers sometimes have odds of 97 percent in the top leagues.