eSports Betting

Are you a fan of virtual gaming competitions and want to try eSports betting? Then you are in the right place. In our big and comparison, we take a close look at the offer, the individual betting markets, the odds and the bonus offers. We will also show you how electronic sports betting works. Right at the beginning of our guide we present you the best eSports betting sites.

Top eSports Betting Sites

If you also want to place your bets on the various games, you’ve come to the right place on this page. We not only introduce you to the best eSports betting providers, but also show you how you can bet on the individual events. You will also learn many helpful bets for a successful eSports betting strategy.

Types of eSports Betting Options

As with any other sport, there are different types of eSports betting options. We can roughly differentiate between single, combination and system bets. Single bets only play on the outcome of a single game. A combination bet is a combination of several individual bets. All individual bets must then win in order for the entire betting slip to win.

System Bet

A system bet is a further development of the combination bet. However, not every single tip has to be right for there to be a win. The system esports betting options offers a higher profit certainty.

Special Bet

If you look into the depth of the bets, there are various special bets that are very popular. For example, it is not just bets on victory or defeat. At Betfinal we find the following bet types for League of Legends: main bet, place bet, handicap, spread, who wins the x. Map, result bet, number of maps played (over/under), which team makes the first kill, who destroys the first tower or dragon as well as the Baron Nashor (a powerful monster) and the first inhibitor.

Main Bet

With the main bet you bet on the winner of the game. All duels are played in “best of” mode. A tie is also possible in best-of-two mode. The place bet is a bet on which teams will finish in the first three places within a tournament. A handicap esports betting gives a team a head start that counts toward the final score. With the result bet you play on how the duel ends. The other types of bets, on the other hand, are explained by their names.

As with conventional sports, there are also disciplines in eSports with individual players or in team competitions. Playing in a clan requires more work, you have to train together and respond to the other team members. It also requires powerful servers to play together.

In large tournaments, teams of several players compete against each other and fight for the title in several rounds. The events are so popular that they are broadcast live. The fascinating thing about eSports betting is that, in principle, any hobby player can take part in tournaments.

eSports Betting Strategy

Predicting electronic sports is a betting market that hasn’t been in the spotlight for very long. Accordingly, the question of the right eSports betting strategy arises, especially for newcomers. The eSports betting sites don’t have any money to give away, so it’s naive to think that you can place bets without preparation and be successful with them. Rather, it is about obtaining and evaluating as much information as possible.

The first step is to analyze the individual players and the teams. The statistics provided, which provide information about the current form curves of the players, are also very helpful. Of course, you should also deal with the special features of the games and familiarize yourself with the respective tournaments.

Besides the things to use in a successful eSports betting strategy, there are also some things to avoid. First of all, it is important to concentrate on a few games and tournaments and not to dance at all weddings. Similar to sports betting, you can quickly build up good expert knowledge in your chosen area. Furthermore, it is necessary not to be misled by certain, still widespread assumptions. So you will not be successful in the long run with strategies such as always betting on the favorites or betting exclusively on defeats of new teams. Many well-known football teams now also have their own e-Teams. Here, however, it is important to leave the emotions out of the game when betting and only to assess the pure facts. It is not advisable to let sympathy for one or the other club flow into the bet.

Which Betting Providers Are Suitable For ESports Betting?

When looking for the right bookmaker, it is noticeable that not all online bookmakers have eSports betting options, or sometimes this world is still limited. So if you value a wide range of online eSports games, you should take a closer look and not rely on eSports betting sites having these betting options in their portfolio. However, due to the current trend around virtual sports, more and more betting providers are including eSports competition in their program. Good news for the fan community! When looking for a suitable eSports betting provider, it is also important whether there is an offer for live betting gives. Live bets in particular are ideal, as the tournaments can be followed by numerous friends via live streams, making the whole thing a lot more exciting and increasing your own luck factor.


At 1xbet there is also a wide range of eSports bets for various games such as Dota 2, Rocket League, Overwatch and many more. There are over/under bets, handicap bets, round winner bets, yes/no props and much more. It is worth taking a closer look at the exact eSports betting offer, as the sports can be very different. Some of these bets like Dota 2 are also available at bet-at-home.


Betfinal is one of the best eSports betting sites as it offers its new comers a 100% up to $100. A player signs up, deposits money into the account and can then use the bonus. For the full bonus of $100 you have to deposit $100, as the same amount of the deposited amount is added as a bonus. You can use this enticing offer to bet on any eSport you prefer. Also, you can watch the free live streaming for matches which is available 24/7.

YYY Sport

Although that the YYY Sport is one of the most recent eSports betting sites on the scene, it has all the ingredients for a reputable bookmaker. The provider welcomes its new players with an enticing offer of up to $2,200. Also, loyal players here can get multiple weekly rewards, cashback bonuses, and other offers. Although that YYY Sport focus more on actual sports, it has a dedicated section for eSports which host Dota2, LOL, Rocket League, Overwatch and many more.


Although that Melbet has less presence in the Arab betting market than other brands, it has many aspects that worth a praise. The bookmaker offers multiple bonuses, provides competitive odds, covers a wide range of eSports betting. Also, Melbet has a 24/7 active support service and a lengthy list of payment methods. The operator also has the highest odds in comparison with other eSports betting sites, has a huge selection of live bets, and offer fast payouts. Melbet users still have the opportunity to bet on national and international games. In addition, the odds are competitive and there is a wide range of betting markets.

Also, you can also find the following tools on Melbet: (Live streaming, cash out, and bet creator).


Although that Betwinner comes in the last position in our list for the best eSports betting sites, it has many perks and advantages that you may not find in other eSports betting sites. Here you can keep your bankroll always healthy, thanks to the generous unwavering bonuses and promotions. Also, you can make big winning as the operator boasts high odds. The coverage of eSports duels isn’t only wide, but also deep. So, you can find any betting market and any event you want to bet on. In addition, you can bet on more than 20 sports. Other than that, players can also bet on entertainment, politics, and more.

Popular Betting Options for Arab Players

Fortunately, Arab players can use a wide range of payment methods just like any player residing anywhere else in the world. This means that your choice of payment method is entirely up to your own preferences. While some prefer to rely on bank cards, others prefer to use paper currencies. For further clarification, we have presented below the most popular banking solutions that you can use to conduct your transactions on esports betting sites:

Fortunately, Arab players can use a wide range of financial means just like any player residing anywhere else in the world. This means that your choice of financial instrument is entirely up to your own preferences. While some prefer to rely on bank cards, others prefer to use paper currencies. For further clarification, we have presented below the most important financial means that you can use to conduct your financial transactions on esports betting sites:

Bank Cards

Arab players can use a wide range of bank cards that include prepaid cards, credit cards, and debit cards as well. To perform your transactions, all you have to do is enter your bank card number, CVV code, and expiry date on the deposit page. Although many people fear that their bank card data will be stolen, this concern is not justified because reliable eSports betting sites protect their customers’ financial and personal data with the strongest protection and encryption protocols, two-factor authentication, and other protection measures also followed.


Arab players can use e-wallets to conduct their financial transactions freely. All you have to do is open a new account on one of the e-wallets. After that, link your account with a bank card and then you can use it freely in any esports betting sites. Some of the most used e-wallets in the Arab world are Skrill, Neteller, and MuchBetter.

Digital Currencies

Although digital currencies are not recognized in the Arab world, they are considered a powerful asset that combines ease of use, speed, and high profits. There are two types of digital currencies, stable currencies and volatile currencies. Either of them can be used on the reliable eSports betting sites we recommend such as 1xbet and Betfinal.

Place eSports Bets In Just A Few Steps

Are you also a fan of eSports betting and want to place a bet or two? We will show you step by step how to place your eSports bet.

Step 1: Find & Register An eSports Bookmaker

The first thing to do is find a provider with enough eSports bets, which is not that easy. Take a closer look at the eSports betting options of a specific betting provider. Make sure that your preferred esport is available and then register.

Step 2: Make Your First Deposit & Use The ESports Betting Bonus

First, a first deposit must be made. Simply select the desired payment method and an amount in your account. In order to use a welcome bonus, you need to pay attention to the minimum deposit, the terms and whether a bonus code is required.

Step 3: Place eSports Bets & Withdraw Winnings

Now you can play on your popular events. Pay attention to the turnover amount and the minimum quota for the turnover requirements if you want to use the welcome bonus. You select a bet by clicking on the corresponding betting odds. This is how your luck factor is packed onto the eSports betting slip. If you have made a profit, you can easily withdraw it using your preferred payment method.

eSports Betting Bonuses

If you want to get involved with eSports betting, the bookmakers have a special welcome gift ready for you. As a newcomer, you can enjoy a new customer bonus. In most cases, the eSports betting providers increase your first deposit. When gaining initial experience in this area, you can keep your financial risk within limits.

At Betfinal you benefit from extensive bonus promotions. The online betting provider not only has an attractive new customer bonus with fair conditions on offer, but also many regular promotions. You can expect continuous odds boosts. With these, the bookmaker increases the odds and thus offers you the best payouts on the market. You also have the chance of free bets. When you meet set wagering requirements, Betfinal rewards you with free bets.

How to Bet on eSports?

Most betting providers include electronic sports in the list of sports as a normal discipline. Some bookmakers have even set up extra sites for video game competitions.

Clicking on the “eSports” button opens the entire offer. This is divided into the individual games such as Dota 2, StarCraft or League of Legends.

  • Select game and betting market
  • Next up is game, tournament and betting market selection.
  • Determine Stake & Place Bet
  • Finally, enter your desired stake and confirm the bet.
  • With a further click on the individual games you will then be shown the respective competitions.

Now you select your favorite tournament and then the individual game pairings and the eSport odds are displayed. When you have found the duel you are looking for, click on the odds of your favorite and the bet goes directly into the betting slip. You then enter your desired bet. By confirming the “Place bet” button, you place your bet.


eSports betting is definitely on the rise and becoming more and more popular. In the meantime, the athletes are really admired by the fans and tournaments are watched millions of times. Therefore, there will be more and more eSports bets in the future. It is currently not that easy to find providers who have a good eSports betting offer. However, some such as betfinal and 1xbet already have an offer worth seeing. And something is also offered in the live betting area.


Which Betting Providers Are Particularly Suitable For ESports Betting?

There are some providers who have included eSports in their offer. But not all have a wide range of games. We can find a good offer at Betfinal, 1xbet, Betwinner, and Melbet

What Is Esports?

eSports are electronic sports that are played on a computer or game console. In countries like Korea or Japan, computer sport has become firmly established. The athletes play a specific game either alone or in a team against each other. There are either league points or the winners advance to a round in a tournament. In principle, any game can be played, but some games are particularly popular due to their complexity. This includes games like LoL, Counter Strike or Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatsch, Starcraft, Call of Duty, PUBG, FIFA, Halo or Fortnite. The tournaments are held in front of live viewers and published as a stream. The winners receive prize money.

Is There A Betting Bonus For ESports Betting?

There is usually no special eSports betting bonuses. However, the welcome bonus or other bonus campaigns for regular customers can be used for the eSports betting.

What Are The Betting Options For ESports Betting?

As with classic sports, single bets, combination bets and system bets can be placed. Depending on the game, bets can also be placed on specific events such as first or last kill, a round winner, etc. Live bets are also possible.