Football Betting in Lebanon

If there is a way to have fun while making ends meet, that would be great! Football betting in Lebanon has emerged to make this possible. With the parties, making your passion profitable is now possible, provided of course you know how to do it. A myriad of reasons explain the craze for football betting in Lebanon, but the question above all concerns the right attitudes to optimize winnings. But then, how to bet on football in Lebanon?

Football Betting in Lebanon

Popular Providers of Football Betting in Lebanon 

  • YYYSportsYYY is one of the best providers of football betting in Lebanon available for all sports bettors as it offers a huge selection of sports, has 24/7 customer service and fully supports the Arabic language. For Lebanese punters, here they will find competitive odds and plenty of special rewards.
  • Betfinal – Launched in 2013 Betfinal is one of the best choices for both casino gamers and sports bettors alike. This site offers its visitors a huge range of betting options and football takes up the largest share of this package. Other features of this site include 24/7 customer service, plenty of payment methods, and support for both Arabic and English.
  • Betway – In this list, Betway is the only British Gambling Commission-licensed site that accepts bettors from Lebanon. This site is characterized by great coverage of all sports, especially football, and it is an ideal site for live betting, as well as it has a clear and easy-to-use interface, and it covers hundreds of betting markets.
  • Rabona – Although Rabona has not yet become the best sports betting site in the Arab world, it may become so in the future! This site has a wide coverage of different sports, has special bonuses, and offers its visitors high betting odds. Rabona also supports the Arabic language in addition to English and French.
  • BetobetBetobet is one of the best Lebanese sports betting sites available today. This site offers its visitors a special welcome bonus of up to 100 euros. Moreover, registered players get lots of great offers from time to time. This site covers more than 35 sports. However, football is the number one sport here. Betobet has the advantage of offering high odds, and plenty of quality bonuses to its visitors as well.
  • 1xbet – Of course, 1xbet cannot be ignored when talking about the best sports betting sites out there. This site has multiple licenses, and protects its customers’ data with the strongest protection and encryption protocols, and it has customer service available around the clock. Moreover, 1xbet offers its users more than 60 bonuses.
  • Betwinner – very similar to both Melbet and 1xbet, Betwinner has an easy-to-use interface and offers its visitors a huge range of bonuses. This site supports a wide range of payment methods, including bank cards, e-wallets, and digital currencies.
  • Shangri La – Shangri La is one of the leading sports betting sites on the world stage today. This site outperforms its competitors by covering a wide range of sports, offering a lot of options, and making available a lot of special offers and rewards to its visitors as well.
  • Mega PariMega Pari is a new sports betting site on the scene. However, it does not lag behind its competitors as it offers a huge range of offers, has 24/7 customer service, and offers plenty of bonuses and promotions.
  • 22bet22bet is a popular gambling site in Lebanon that was established in 2017 and is trusted by millions of users. It covers both high-profile and less-known football championships. Also, it offers handball, basketball, and many other sports. The site offers its visitors a huge range of great rewards and offers, as well as an easy-to-use application available for download on smartphones.

Why Football Is a Popular Sport for Betting in Lebanon?

Football is the most practised and followed sport in France and in the world. But why is it so popular? First of all because to play it, all you need is a ball and a few friends. Then, because the rules of football are very easy to understand. But above all because no other sport manages to make us vibrate so much.

Football is the most practised sport in the world, with 265 million players, according to Fifa. I

Why such an interest? First of all, football is not an elitist sport. To practice it, all you need is a ball, friends and four sweaters to make the goals.

Another advantage is very easy-to-understand rules (except perhaps offside, and again!). For 90 minutes, two teams of 11 players compete to score as many goals as possible by sending the ball into the opposing goal.

The other reason, which is the most important, is the huge profits that Lebanese football bettors can obtain, as soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and therefore it is the most prominent in all sports betting sites.

How to Join the Football Betting Sites?

Football betting in Lebanon can be learned and you will master them more by getting started. You can even make a living in sports betting. But before that, we will have to go little by little.

Find a Reputable Provider of Football Betting in Lebanon

Any specialist bettor will recommend that the choice of a bookmaker should not be taken lightly. Rightly, the most reliable providers of football betting in Lebanon are approved by the ARJEL, but they must also offer some flexibility in the choice of bets. At a time when bookmakers abound on the net, a certain number of criteria must be taken into account to refine your choice.

Among other things, pay attention to the welcome bonus and the conditions that go with it. Also, be sure to find the most advantageous conditions for your situation. The initial deposit, the streaming service, the odds, the live bets as well as the diversity of the bets are all criteria to be taken into consideration.

Open a player account

After finding the best provider of football betting in Lebanon that seems most suitable for you, you can move on to the next step, including the creation of the site. Registering on these sites is not that complicated.

In fact, opening an account is done very quickly and allows you to bet on football almost immediately on the site. On the home page of the provider of football betting in Lebanon, a registration procedure is indicated with a link that redirects you to the form on the “register” icon.

Choose a payment method and make a deposit

During registration, all bettors are obliged to provide all their personal information. But you don’t have to worry, because these sites take care of the security of your personal data.

As soon as this step is completed, the provider of football betting in Lebanon invites you to make your first deposit to start your bets already. With the money you have placed in your account, you can place your bets on current sporting events according to your choice. In this sense, you must choose among the means of payment offered by the provider of football betting in Lebanon. In general, payments are made by credit card or bank transfer.

Place Your Bet

You have completed the registration steps and your deposit is already made, it is time to place the bet. This is of course the money you put into play to bet on football. If you win, you will be able to recover the bet, multiplied by the odds.

The best football betting bookmakers for Lebanon we have chosen for you 

Top 10 Providers of Football Betting in Lebanon

In fact, each site has its own share of advantages and disadvantages.

While YYYSports is distinguished by offering a wide range of sports betting options and additional features to its customers, it does not support French, which is the second language in Lebanon, but it does support Arabic and English.

BetFinal offers its users a lot of great offers and great betting odds but sometimes the platform crashes and gives users an error message. It is certainly possible to miss out on placing a lot of great bets during the platform’s downtime.

Betway has a wide range of betting options and enjoys multiple licenses issued by international gambling commissions such as the British Gambling Commission. However, this site does not have much popularity in the Arab gambling arena.

Rabona is distinguished by offering more than 60 rewards to its new and registered customers and providing applications that are available for download on both iPhone and Android devices. However, the betting odds here are lower than the previous sites.

Betobet offers its users a lot of high-quality offers, and excellent bonuses and also supports more than 35 sports besides football. However, on the downside, the site does not offer apps available for download on smartphones and tablets.

1xbet is very popular in Lebanon and all other Arab countries as well as it is licensed by many authorities and jurisdictions. However, on the downside, there are a lot of complaints about the speed of processing financial transactions here.

Betwinner is one of the best sports betting sites out there as it offers a user-friendly and flexible interface and supports a wide range of currencies, but also has no downloadable apps.

Shangri La offers its customers a wide range of betting markets, generous bonuses, and 24/7 customer service, but despite all these advantages, it does not support the Arabic language.

Mega Pari has a solid set of special features as it is available in Arabic, has 24/7 customer service, is completely secure and offers lots of special bonuses and promotions.

Although 22bet was launched on the scene in 2018, it quickly became one of the best sites on the scene thanks to its support for many languages, high odds for football matches, and special bonuses for football bettors. However, the downside of this site may be that it is not available in some Arab countries such as Egypt.

How to Bet on Football Safely in Lebanon?

Online betting sites are one of the most popular and profitable industries on the internet. Due to the large size of this industry and the amount of sensitive data it manages, it is essential to ensure the computer security of its users. The platforms concerned and the mutual resources used must also be protected from possible hacker attacks. Therefore, cybersecurity protocols are essential to maintain a healthy and secure market.

Providers of football betting in Lebanon use several methods to protect their users, platforms and resources from cyberattacks and fraud. They can in particular:

  • Use secure servers with enhanced anti-virus and anti-phishing protection;
  • Implement a two-factor authentication system that requires an independent second line of communication (such as email or text) to confirm entry to the platform;
  • Obtain sophisticated security software to detect and thwart attempted attacks, including malware, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and other threats;
  • Use licensed software to ensure the security and reliability of their gaming platforms.

What Do You Expect From the Lebanese Football Betting Sites?

It’s not easy to choose from the dozen Lebanese football betting sites. To help you choose the bookmaker best suited to your needs, discover all the criteria to take into account when making your decision.

Some are very similar, others only offer providers of football betting in Lebanon and a handful of them offer the possibility of playing poker. We have gathered the main criteria to have in mind before registering with a Lebanese bookmaker.

The Welcome Bonus

Let’s start with THE most important question: what is a good welcome bonus? First of all, there is the amount of the welcome offer, an amount that has fluctuated between $50 and $200 for a few years. But more than the amount and size of the bonus, it is the type of bonus that matters most. 

In 2024, you should know that the most common type of bonus is the “first losing bet refunded” bonus. Here, the providers of football betting in Lebanon refund the amount of the bet placed on the very first bet if the latter loses. A good way to double or even triple your first deposit, without taking the slightest risk, and thus build up a nice bankroll.

But again, there are many differences between providers of football betting in Lebanon, especially on reimbursement. Be aware that most operators will reimburse this first losing bet in several instalments and most often in the form of “free bets”.

The Bookmaker App

Being able to place a bet on public transport, at the office during the break or be able to bet live from your sofa without moving is an undeniable asset.

But even if all the approved providers of football betting in Lebanon presented on our site offer an Android or Apple sports betting application, not all apps are created equal. Loading speed, display or update bugs, ergonomics of the mobile interface, navigation, and access to the player account: providers of football betting in Lebanon do not all offer the same mobile betting experience.

Our advice: To avoid the frustration of missing a bet, we advise you to download the application before registering. Take a few minutes to browse the mobile version of the site to see if the experience seems intuitive to you.

The Number of Betting Markets & Competitions Available

If you only bet on Premiere League or Ligue 1 scorer-type bets, go your way. If, on the other hand, you like having a large choice in the number of bets offered on a Premier League or NBA match, what follows should interest you.

Indeed, the number of bets available for this type of competition sometimes goes from simple to double from one bookie to another. 


This is the point on which bettors are the most demanding. The prospect of winning is the first motivational engine for a bettor and the odds are the main lever. If I tell you, for example, “Big odds. Big wins”, who do you think of?

Odds comparators are currently the easiest way to gauge competition between providers of football betting sites in Lebanon and at a given time for a given match and competition.

The Quality of the Site & Its Ergonomics

Nobody will contradict us if we say that a site that takes time to load and is not at all ergonomic does not make you want to return to it. Providers of football betting sites in Lebanon are no exception to this rule. The latter are also constantly improving the quality of their gaming interfaces and paying particular attention to banking data security.

Among the features that help to judge whether a site is of quality or not include:

  • Navigation between competitions and matches
  • Logging in to your betting account
  • Access to current and completed bets
  • Its loading speed

Payment Methods for Lebanese in Football Betting

In general, the most popular providers of football betting in Lebanon offer a wide range of payment options. This is done for the convenience of players: everyone can choose the most convenient way for them. Here is what you need for a better experience with the best Lebanese online betting sites:

Credit & Debit Cards

The most popular option for withdrawing and depositing money at football betting sites in Lebanon is credit and debit cards.

The most popular payment option for withdrawing cash is credit and debit card (eg Visa). This payment method is one of the most popular solutions in the world, it is not surprising that it has been adopted by many providers of football betting in Lebanon.

Virtually all providers of betting sites in Lebanon accept this type of payment, which makes it extremely convenient for players. However, when it comes to withdrawing cash, not all card types are suitable. It should be noted that certain types of cards, such as the MasterCard, completely deprive you of this option. That is why it is better to check it beforehand, to know if you should look for another option.

Instant Bank Transfer

Most customers who play on a betting site are probably already very familiar with this type of payment. Because it is one of the payment methods available on betting sites. Of course, this option of transfer by local banks is not only available on a betting site. This method is also available in other industries and is often used. These first two payment methods are the most popular with fast transactions, but there are faster ones.

Skrill and Neteller

Most online betting sites that accept Lebanese punters accept deposits through these two e-wallets. They allow quick and easy deposits with no fees and make online banking safer and more anonymous.

The flip side of using Skrill and Neteller is the rather high withdrawal fees, which can be as high as 10%. However, the good news is that players can receive extremely fast withdrawals from online betting sites.

EcoPayz and EcoCard

Another popular e-wallet is EcoPayz. It is available worldwide and provides another hassle-free way to make online payments. Users also have their own MasterCard, called EcoCard. It can be used to make instant withdrawals from ATMs. All of this makes EcoPayz one of the fastest and easiest ways to transfer your winnings from your online casino account to your pocket.


PayPal is the largest e-wallet in the world, with just under 200 million users. That said, any betting site using this payment method makes its services available to a significant market. PayPal has its own payment gateways. Merchants only need a PayPal business account to use PayPal services. So, can start using PayPal immediately to play at PayPal online casino.

Bitcoin & Ethereum

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are widely used as payment methods in modern online betting sites. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very fast online casino payment methods. Cryptocurrencies have great potential in the field of gaming entertainment due to their many advantages. Security, decentralization and anonymity are the principles on which cryptocurrencies were created. This is what appeals to many online casino players. The use of cryptocurrencies opens access to online betting sites that only work with digital currencies.

Types of Football Bets Available in Lebanon

Football betting stands as the king of sport fishing. Today, most providers of football betting sites offer some, if not all. Football being a discipline well known to all, it would be easier to make estimates on the result of a match. And also, several markets are offered by this practice, making it even more exciting. Naturally, it is important to know and master all these markets to make the most of them:

Winner or Match Results

Football sports betting markets have exploded in recent years, leading to a consequent increase in betting markets. The providers of football betting sites will also offer you different options for more fun, but above all to win even more. Among the most common markets is Winner or Match Results.

The principle is relatively simple, you will have to predict the winning team or the number of goals likely to be scored in a match. This market is associated with a tie bet. This practice is simple, but not always reassuring.


Adopted particularly in Asian markets, handicapped betting has started to become popular in Europe as well in recent years. The particularity lies in the ribs which are reduced. By the way, the goal handicap will be placed on the team judged to be weaker to confirm the bet. The reverse is also possible. Obviously, this market is only possible when a huge difference in performance separates the two teams.

After all, it serves to advantage the strong team. Thus, it will be necessary to study all aspects of the meeting to be able to ensure the reliability of its predictions. 

Types of Over/Under Bets

Over/Under is another very popular market in football betting. As the name makes clear, on this market bettors bet on a score which may be lower or higher than the value estimated by the providers of football betting sites. The bet can take place in the first or second half. Some even do it for quarter-hour events.

Combined Bets

A combined bet has the principle of making several predictions by setting a single bet only. The gain will be enormous if you make accurate predictions. This market also represents risks because of the odds that are multiplied between them. With combination bets, you either hit the big prizes or lose it all.

If you are confident in your predictions, it would be interesting to combine all the matches you bet on. This also helps to limit the risks.

Another advantage of the combined bet: the odds of the different matches can be multiplied together to increase your winnings even more!

Market Totals — Goals, Corners, Cards

With the different football betting markets, you have plenty of choices to spice up your game and maximize winnings. Discover other popular markets here:

  • Goals: betting on football, especially on goals scored, was already popular even before the arrival of the providers of football betting sites. To win this bet, you will choose a player who must score a goal at least full-time. It is also possible to predict the player who will score the first goal.
  • Corners: This market is about predicting the number of corners that could occur throughout the match. A new trend in football bar betting, betting on corner kicks is gaining more and more followers. If you want to change the style of betting a bit to vary the experiences, this market is in order.
  • Cards: a really interesting market for Lebanese football fans, bets on the number of cards likely to be awarded throughout the football match are very successful with providers of football betting sites.
  • Total markets: This bet is quite simple as you just need to predict the range of goals your team of choice will score in a match. Most often, the common ranges are 0-1 goals, 2-3 goals or even 4-6 goals, or even more. This bet increases the risk, but also the chances offered.

Correct Score

In the exact score, you have to predict the final score or the halftime score of a match. Obviously, there are many different options available to you, covering the vast majority of possible outcomes. Since there is a limit to this number, it will be easier to make the bet.

Both Teams to Score or BTTS

In the BTTS marked you are required to bet on the prospect that both teams will be able to score or not by simply indicating yes or no. Some providers of football betting sites refer to this market as “goal-goal/no-goal”.

Tips for Successful Football Betting in Lebanon

Punters who make money with sports betting do exist, but it cannot be improvised. You need expert advice to maximize your earnings.

Find the best betting odds

The odds are very variable according to the bookmakers. In this sense, you will have to compare the coasts between them in order to find those which seem more interesting to you. Moreover, this is what the very popular odds comparators on the web will be used for. The idea is to get your hands on the most profitable odds.

Use Matched Betting Strategy

Arbitrage betting is the process of buying something to resell it immediately in order to make a profit. This very common technique in the purchase and sale of shares is also widely applied to the betting markets. In practice, you hedge the results of an encounter to generate a profit regardless of the outcome.

This mathematically sound strategy does not require specific skills and it can be adopted for beginners. Very close to the strategy of matched bets, the latter has the particularity of not offering any free bets.

Follow Football Tipsters

Following your instincts in betting is not necessarily profitable for a football match, it is important to have the advice of specialized forecasters. With special knowledge, they will be able to help you earn money through betting.

Track Your Bets

Keeping informed of the change and evolution of a football match is essential to ensure the safety of your bets. It is for this reason that you must always follow your bets either by following the match streaming.

Responsible Gambling in Lebanon

Do you have a playful spirit? Good for you, because playing is above all about having fun, having fun, spending time with friends… But be careful, having a playful spirit is above all seeing the playful side of things without ever falling into the ‘excess. Otherwise, the game becomes stronger than you. And there, it’s no longer a game!

Fortunately, excessive gambling is not inevitable. This is why, in all Lebanese betting sites, we have been working for a long time to help players in difficulty through our assistance and prevention program. Information on the risks associated with gambling addiction, a team of specialist advisors… Everything is organized to provide you with real support if needed.

The “Golden Rules” of Responsible Gaming

7 rules to remember because a well-informed player is worth two!

  • I play for fun, I’m not looking to make money at all costs.
  • I don’t try to “redo” myself as soon as I lose.
  • I keep a cool head in case of big wins.
  • I do not rely on my superstitions and accept the laws of chance.
  • I don’t lock myself into the game to forget my worries.
  • I stick to my budget and don’t borrow to gamble.
  • I know my losses and my gains and don’t lie about it.


Like any form of addiction, gambling has warning signs that it is essential to detect before the situation becomes too complicated…

  • The game occupies an increasingly important place in your mind.
  • You play only to forget your worries.
  • Your bets and overall gambling spending are continuously increasing.
  • You return to play to try to regain what you lost.
  • You can’t manage to play less despite your efforts to decrease.
  • Your losses lead you to borrow money to continue playing.
  • When you can’t play, you become irritable.
  • Your family and professional situation are at risk because of gambling.

Mobile Betting in Lebanon

In recent years mobile online betting sites have grown rapidly in popularity as more and more players appreciate the convenience and flexibility that playing on smartphones and tablets offers. This trend has seen a multitude of online betting sites extend their offerings to mobile platforms to cater to the needs of their customers. The benefits of mobile gaming range from being able to play anytime, anywhere to taking advantage of exclusive mobile bonuses and promotions. It’s no wonder more and more people are discovering the appeal of gaming on the go.

A successful mobile betting experience requires not only a good selection of mobile online betting sites and games but also some important tips to ensure the best possible gaming experience. One of the most important tips is to gamble responsibly to encourage healthy and sustainable gambling. Players should manage their playing time and budget and be careful not to be tempted to play more than they can afford. Another important consideration for a successful Lebanese mobile betting experience is internet connection stability. Since mobile online betting sites work on the mobile network, it is important to make sure that the internet connection is stable and not interrupted. An unstable connection can affect the gaming experience and lead to the player losing game rounds or having to drop out of the game. It is therefore advisable to have a stable internet connection before starting to play.

In summary, mobile online betting sites are becoming increasingly popular and offer a convenient and fun way to play casino games on the go. The advantages of mobile gaming are numerous, including flexibility, convenience, and a wide variety of games. The best mobile online betting sites offer a variety of games, bonuses and payment methods, ensuring security and fairness for players. Responsible gaming and a stable internet connection are important for a successful mobile betting experience. The future of the providers of football betting sites looks bright as more and more people use their mobile devices for various tasks.

Customer Support for Lebanese Football Bettors

You should test the customer service of the platform you want to use to verify that it is responsive. Because once your funds are committed, it will be too late. If you encounter a deadlock and there is no one on the other side to assist you, you may lose money unnecessarily. Send an email or go through live chat and phone. If the answer takes hours to come, well, make informed decisions.

Legal Considerations for Football Betting in Lebanon

In fact, gambling in Lebanon is completely legal, unlike many other Arab and Middle Eastern countries. In fact, Lebanon, in this respect, is almost at the level of European countries. Lebanese laws stipulate that casino goers must be at least 21 years of age, and those under age are not allowed to enter the casino. The Lebanese law also set income restrictions for those wishing to bet on football and play gambling games, most of which, of course, have become formalities with time and are not applied. Therefore, everyone is welcome at the best providers of football betting in Lebanon.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Football Betting in Lebanon

🫰 How can I withdraw my winnings from a Lebanese bookmaker?

To recover your winnings, simply choose a means of payment from the list offered by sports betting bookmakers in Lebanon. Among the most used payment methods are Neteller, Paypal, Ecopayz, Visa, Skrill, etc.

👋 Is sports betting legal in Lebanon?

Even though Lebanon is a Muslim country, online gambling is legal in this country. So, players can play at the providers of football betting in Lebanon as they can also bet on online bookmakers.

🏆 Use a VPN to bet on a Lebanese sports betting site

If you find that your betting site is blocked. It may come from your internet service provider. The solution is simple. You only have to use a VPN that allows you to access your site.

🗣️ Lebanon betting site: what languages are used on sports betting sites in Lebanon?

Some providers of football betting in Lebanon like 1xBet and Betfinal are available in Arabic and English, while others are in English or French. When creating your account on a Lebanese sports betting site, it is advisable to select the language of your choice. In general, once you have chosen your language, it cannot be changed.

🏆 How to place a football bet?

It is a simple and fast procedure that only requires a few clicks. The provider of football betting in Lebanon offers a very wide choice of bets that you can choose according to your needs. To make a bet, simply validate your registration, make your deposits and then place your bets.

💶 What is the best site to bet on football?

With the proliferation of Lebanese betting sites, choosing an operator that matches your profile can be tricky. In any case, the best sports betting site is the one that best meets your needs. A great comparison is necessary in this case.

🏆 What is insurance for multiples?

You have the possibility of being insured several times for a particular event. We also talk about multi-insurance which allows you to cover your bets. This will allow you to play more serenely. Therefore, insurance for multiples is highly recommended.

💶 Do overtime count when I bet on football?

Overtime is not taken into account in certain bets such as 1N2 or “exact score” bets. Only the regulation time of 90 minutes will be taken into account as well as any stoppages in play.

❔ What does over/under mean in football betting?

The more or less bet is based on the principle that the bettor will not be able to bet on the winner. On the other hand, he can bet on football on the number of goals.

Football Betting in Lebanon Laws

Football betting is attracting more and more people around the world, especially in Arab countries and Lebanon. Many Lebanese punters have already opened accounts on online sports betting sites to make bets and earn money.

Legally speaking, Lebanon is the most spacious of all the Arab countries as it allows everyone here to enjoy gambling and sports betting easily and without any legal consequences.

If you want to play on a sports betting site in Lebanon, you have a wide choice of sites to bet in your country. However, there are still some aspects that people don’t quite understand about how these betting sites work. In fact, it’s your money that is at stake. And, you must bet on the best sports betting site. That is why, through this article, we want to bring you more details about football betting in Lebanon.

In Lebanon, punters prefer to gamble through online bookmakers. Thanks to these platforms, gamblers have the opportunity to place their bets from anywhere and at any time. Some of the best sports betting sites in Lebanon include for example, Rabona, 1xBet, Bet365, Betway and 888sport. 


Fortunately, Lebanon isn’t a restrictive country when it comes to online betting. So you have the freedom to choose the right site for you and make your deposits and withdrawals and withdraw your profits without any restrictions. If you are interested in sports betting in Lebanon, you should choose a bookmaker with a credible operating license like Betfinal or YYYSports. In addition, you must set a special budget for the bet and not exceed it under any circumstances. If you feel that your gambling behaviour is deviating from the healthy manner, you should seek professional help immediately. Bet on football now at the best football betting sites in Lebanon!