Euro Betting

Let’s talk about Euro Betting and the upcoming 2024 European Football Championship, now in its 17th edition, which will be played in Germany after the 2020 traveling edition. Waiting to find out the 20 teams that will pass the qualifying phase, to which the 3 from the Nations League will be added.

Best Euro Betting Sites

The best Euro 2024 betting sites have already published their odds and made their predictions. We can therefore bet on the winner and the best of the group in the qualifiers. In this article, we will see

In June and July 2024, the finals of the men’s European Championship will be held for the 17th time. And it’s probably not too bold a tip to say that no country is looking forward to the tournament as much as Germany. After all, the Federal Republic is hosting the tournament. After 1988, the European Championship is taking place in Germany for the second time. It is also the first major sporting event that Germany has hosted since the 2006 Men’s World Cup and the 2011 Women’s World Cup.

Just as it is clear that Germany is particularly looking forward to the Euro 2024, it is already clear that betting fans will get their money’s worth again. Major football events always bring about maximum performance from Euro 2024 betting sites in the discipline of coming up with particularly creative and numerous betting options. Here we break down what you can expect in terms of Euro betting. You can find a test of the best Euro 2024 Betting providers on the linked page.

The Euro 2024 bets are too numerous to break them all down here. So we’ll give a general introduction here before we go into more detail about the most important bets and the (in our opinion) most recommended Euro 2024 betting sites. A basic distinction is made between team and player bets. Team bets revolve around the performance of each team.

For example, will the national selection survive the group stage? And how many goals does the team score in total? Player bets focus on individual players. The best-known corresponding tip option is the question of the Euro top scorer 2024 or the best player of the Euro 2024. But it can also be about who gets the reddest cards or who the best goalkeeper of the Euro 2024 becomes.

Euro 2024 Overview

After 1988, Germany will host a European Championship for the second time in 2024. Ten stadiums have already been determined as the venues for the European Championship. Where will the final take place?

In December 2023, the draw for the European Championship groups will take place in Hamburg.

As the host, Germany is directly qualified for the European Championship.

Germany is already qualified as the host for the European Championship which makes it a clear favourite for Euro 2024 Betting. Russia is currently suspended because of the war of aggression in Ukraine. The ten group winners and ten runners-up buy the ticket for the European Championship. Three more tickets will be awarded in the March 2024 playoffs. The participants will be determined based on their performance in the 2022/2023 Nations League season.

On Sunday, October 9, 2022, the groups for the qualifiers before the Euro 2024 were drawn. These are the groups:

Group A






Group B






Group C




North Macedonia


Group D






Group E


Czech Republic


Faroe Islands


Group F






Group G






Group H





Northern Ireland

San Marino

Group I







Group J


Bosnia Herzegovina





24 participants, 6 groups and 51 games! UEFA EURO 2024 will be played in the same format as the two previous editions. As the host, Germany is sure to be there, with the remaining 54 UEFA associations fighting for the remaining 23 tickets in the European Championship qualifiers.

Immediately after Italy was crowned the new European champion, Euro 2024 Betting providers updated their European Championship odds and determined their favourites for the 2024 European Championship.

This tournament is considered one of the most prominent sports tournaments that Arab bettors love in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Germany, Lebanon, and Morocco. Therefore, here we present to you the best Euro 2024 Betting sites that you can sign up from your country to bet on the European team that you think will win the title.

How to bet on euro 2024 from Egypt?

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular in Egypt thanks to technology and user-friendly marketing methods. Indeed, a stimulating environment is created by global sports betting platforms that cover various types of sports in the world, some of which take into account the privacy of the Egyptian bettor and issue an Arabic version for their sites. At the moment, since sports are an essential part of Egyptian culture, betting on Euro 2024 cannot be prevented. Therefore, we can say that sports betting is legal and regulated in Egypt, and Egyptian bettors can visit hundreds of on-the-ground retailers across the country. If you are wondering How to bet on Euro 2024 from Egypt? You can easily bet on Euro 2024 via top trusted and licensed sports betting sites such as Betfinal, 888Sports, Melbet, BetObet and 10Bet.

How to bet on euro 2024 from Saudi Arabia?

Euro 2024 betting sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have succeeded in providing professionally all kinds of betting in sports with all its unlimited fun, entertainment and enthusiasm, which made Saudi players prefer to participate in it to place a distinguished sports bet in their preferred tournaments and sports. If you are wondering How to bet on Euro 2024 from Saudi Arabia? You can subscribe to sports betting sites Betfinal, 888Sports, Melbet, BetObet and 10Bet.

How to bet on euro 2024 from Kuwait?

Euro 2024 betting in Kuwait is considered one of the activities that a large segment of sports fans are interested in because it guarantees more fun, entertainment, and big profits only when betting on a sports betting site, especially since the Kuwaiti people are rich people who live on popular activities. Many gains such as oil extraction and petrochemical industries, and the availability of funds to them made access to betting sites in Kuwait, including real betting activities with real money, available and easy, so that most groups of Kuwaiti people practice gambling activities through sports betting sites. If you are wondering How to bet on Euro 2024 from Kuwait? You can subscribe to sports betting sites Betfinal, 888Sports, Melbet, BetObet and 10Bet.

How to bet on euro 2024 from UAE?

Sports betting in the United Arab Emirates is one of the activities that is receiving increasing demand from large segments of Emirati players, and the most important sports betting sites that provide betting services for Emirati players have many wonderful advantages and provide a distinguished quality of services that meet all the aspirations of Emirati citizens who enjoy fun and entertainment. And adventure in sports betting they love. If you are wondering How to bet on euro 2024 from UAE? You can register with sports betting sites Betfinal, 888Sports, Melbet, BetObet and 10Bet.

How to bet on Euro 2024 from Jordan?

Although Euro 2024 betting is not legal in Jordan, the authorities do not ban online betting nor do they block designated websites in Jordan. For this reason, sportsbooks provide important incentives for online sports bettors. Thus, all Jordanian bettors can enjoy Euro 2024. If you are wondering How to bet on Euro 2024 from Jordan? You can register with sports betting sites Betfinal, 888Sports, Melbet, BetObet and 10Bet.

How to bet on euro 2024 from Germany?

When we decided to review and rate sports betting sites in Germany, we found very few available because the gambling law was passed in 2022. On the other hand, many countries are offshore and do not have legal licenses to offer sports betting in Germany. So if you are wondering How to bet on euro 2024 from Germany? You can register with sports betting sites Betfinal, 888Sports, Melbet, BetObet and 10Bet.

How to bet on Euro 2024 from Lebanon?

Sports betting sites in Lebanon are considered one of the most important sites that Internet users in Bahrain go to for sports betting enthusiasts after the various sports offered by online betting sites have become the first resort for millions of people, where they find an outlet for them from a large number of concerns and businesses. It contains all their energy and they find all pleasure, fun, relaxation, entertainment and profit. If you are wondering How to bet on Euro 2024 from Lebanon? You can register with sports betting sites Betfinal, 888Sports, Melbet, BetObet and 10Bet.

How to bet on Euro 2024 from Morocco?

The best sports betting sites in Morocco online have achieved tremendous popularity in the recent period, among a large number of sites on the Internet. And this is simply because it is the best in everything, for example, we find that it offers hundreds of betting markets on a group of the most popular and unpopular sports, and with it offers casino games, and yet it offers a lot of bonuses and generous welcome bonuses. If you are wondering How to bet on Euro 2024 from Morocco? You can register with sports betting sites Betfinal, 888Sports, Melbet, BetObet and 10Bet.

UEFA Euro 2024 Betting Options

Every beginning is known to be difficult. But now you have the chance to have betting understandably explained to you. We answer the most important question: How does Euro Betting work? With this Euro betting explanation, our experts would like to introduce you to the most important topics to get you started. We intentionally start with the basics. So that even beginners without prior knowledge can get Euro 2024 Betting explained correctly and understand the individual connections better.

Single Euro Betting – The Simplest Variants for Your Bets

You can place your bet with a stake of your choice as a single bet on the betting slip. This also works excellently with live Euro 2024 Betting. So with bets that you complete during a running game. So you predict a single sporting event. Which ones you can choose from depends on the betting offers of the bookmakers. We will go into more detail on this in the third section. With a single bet, there is not much to consider. If the event occurs, your tip wins. You have already found out how you can then calculate the distance gain.

In general, the Euro Betting provider will already show you the possible winnings on the ticket before you send it off. So you usually don’t have to calculate anything yourself. Nevertheless, there is a small danger lurking in single bets. 

Combination Euro Betting – The chance for higher odds

We have already explained the core of a combo in Euro 2024 betting. Because here, as the name suggests, you combine several single bets. If you choose two of them, you play a 2-combo. If you decide on three predictions, this means a triple bet. And so forth.

There is no limit to you here. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to combination bets at Euro Betting providers. If only one bet loses, the entire combination bet is also lost. However, if all individual bets in the combo work out, you can look forward to a correspondingly high bet win. Because you calculate this for combination bets using the example of a 3-way combination as follows:

  • Odds of the three picks: 1.50 / 2.00 / 2.50
  • Bet for the 3-way combo: 10 euros
  • Calculation : odds 1 * 2 * 3 * stake
  • Specifically : 1.50 * 2.00 * 2.50 * 10 euros
  • Betting prize: 75.00 euros

System Euro Betting – Better protection has its price

Because there is also a possibility, despite combinations, to cushion the risk somewhat. How Euro 2024 betting with a system works is therefore the third and at the same time most complex variant for your betting slip. In principle, system Euro Betting are nothing more than the combination of several combination bets.

The different options that result from a chosen system when Euro Betting is called betting series. System bets come in many different forms. So that we have explained Euro betting to you as precisely as possible at the end of the day, here are a few examples:

Triple combo Euro 2024 Betting

With a system bet, you reduce the risk of losing the entire betting slip if you lose just one single bet. But that is then in the truest sense of the word at the expense of the application. It turns out much higher. You can of course reduce it for the respective betting series. But then the profit of the individual betting series is also lower at Euro Betting.

Double Chance Euro Betting: Reduce 3 ways to 2

If a classic 1X2 bet is too risky for you, you can counteract it with the double chance (DC) or double chance. The tip DC 1X then means that this game will be won by the home team or the game will end in a draw. DC X2 includes a draw and the away team wins. Of course, the odds are going down. But such bets are less risky. The Draw No Bet (DNB) is also known as a draw-no-bet in online Euro betting in Germany.

With a half-time full-time bet you can improve your Euro Betting odds if they are too low for a classic 1X2 pick on the favourite. Then one possibility is that you bet that the favoured team will already lead at the break. And that it wins the game in the end. And how does handicap Euro betting work? Very similar. For example, you send the outsider into the race with a virtual advantage (1:0, 2:0, etc.). This will improve your odds on the favourite. He now has to win more clearly because he is virtually behind.

Goals: Over/Under bets, BTTS, and Clean Sheet

The second major category in betting markets is Euro Betting on goals. There are also much more complicated variants. Similar to how some of the trend bets still allow for types of play such as Asian handicaps. But in this Euro Betting explanation, we first limit ourselves to the most important tools for your next bet.

Over/Under Euro Betting: Bets on the Number of Goals

Over and under bets are among the most popular sports bets. They are presented in a format such as Over 2.5 or Under 3.5. Since there are no half-goals in football, Over 2.5 means that three or more goals must be scored. The Under 3.5 states that fewer than four hits are allowed. Depending on how extreme you use over and under, you can control the size of the odds. For a more risky Over 3.5 (at least four goals must be scored) you will of course be offered a better betting odd than for an Over 2.5. That should make sense to you.

Long-term Euro Betting: bets on champions, relegated, etc.

Such bets are rarely played by professional players. Because they end up drifting too much into gambling. You can certainly imagine this best with the result bets. How often do you get the correct result in a betting game with friends? Exactly! This is also the reason why our experts do not recommend any result bets in their Champions League betting, for example. But only those whose probabilities can be factually and statistically justified.

Betting Insights: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Germany, Lebanon, and Morocco

The next Europeans are approaching and the bookmakers have published the odds on the possible winner. But what exactly does the Euro 2024 winning odds board say? 

The bookmakers in the odds on the possible winner of the 2024 European Championship have identified France, Germany and England as the main candidates for the final victory. Italy, on the other hand, leads the ‘little group’ of outsiders made up of Spain, Portugal and Belgium.
Given that we are the reigning champions, and that in times of difficulty, we always know how to get the most out of it, it is right to focus on Italy’s winning odds at Euro2024. Mancini’s squad will be distorted compared to the triumph at Wembley, but the new additions bode well, above all thanks to the desire of the young players. Here is the European winning Italy odds comparison between five different operators.

Which national team has won the most championships in the old continent?  The national teams with the most victories at the European Championships are Spain and Germany, with three titles. Following are us Italians arm in arm with our transalpine cousins, while 6 other teams can only have one title: Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, USSR and Holland.
How to bet euro 2024 from Egypt? Egyptian bettors like to bet on strong teams like Germany. 

  • How to bet Euro 2024 from Saudi Arabia? Saudi bettors love to bet on Italy.
  • How to bet euro 2024 from Kuwait? Kuwaiti bettors love to bet on Luxembourg.
  • How to bet euro 2024 from UAE? Emirati bettors love to bet on Italy.
  • How to bet Euro 2024 from Jordan? Jordanian bettors love to bet on France.
  • How to bet euro 2024 from Germany? German bettors love to bet on Germany.
  • How to bet euro 2024 from Lebanon? Lebanese bettors love to bet on Spain.
  • How to bet euro 2024 from Morocco? Moroccon bettors love to bet on Scotland.

Prominent Euro 2024 Contenders

The favourites for the 2024 European Football Championship come from Germany and France. As the hosts, Tipico’s bookmakers estimate the chances for the German team to be quite good. But of course, England and Spain are also among the favourites. Here you get a good overview of current Euro 2024 Betting:





































Italy was not among the big favourites for the pre-tournament title at Euro 2021. Nevertheless, the Italians were able to secure the European champion title. In a group with Wales, Switzerland and Turkey, Italy prevailed as group winners. In the round of 16, they then struggled against Austria in extra time to advance to the quarter-finals before beating Belgium 2-1 there. In the semifinals and final, Italy defeated Spain and England on penalties. The outstanding Gianluigi Donnarumma was voted player of the tournament after outstanding saves.

Denmark provided another surprise. After the devastating incident involving Christian Eriksen in the first group match against Finland, the Scandinavians were hardly shocked as the tournament progressed. After the Danes eliminated Denmark and the Czech Republic in the round of 16 and quarterfinals, they only had to admit defeat to England in extra time in the semifinals. So the finale was within reach.

Euro 2024 History: Who Was Able to Win the Euro Most Often?

Spain and Germany won the European Championship most often. Both nations were able to bring the trophy home three times. While Germany’s victories are a long time in the past, Spain was able to dominate in 2008 and 2012 in particular. Back then with players like Xavi and Iniesta, who celebrated almost perfect football. France follows with two titles from 1984 and 2000.

At the last three European Championships, Germany always reached at least the semi-finals. First, the DFB-Elf failed in the final of the Euro 2008 with 0:1 to Spain. After that, it was over in the semi-finals. Overall, however, the German national team is the most successful in this competition in terms of placements. In addition to three titles, the DFB team also came second three times and was thus in six finals. A total of nine times could even be reached as a semi-final. If you are looking for more Euro 2024 Betting tips for the European Championship, take a look at our current articles on the European Championship 2024.

Football writes its own stories. Probably the most legendary from a German point of view is the 1996 tournament in England – the motherland of football. In the semifinals, they were 1-0 down against hosts England after three minutes. Stefan Kuntz was then only able to equalize for a few minutes to make it 1-1 (16th minute).

Dark Horse Candidates

Football is constantly evolving and new competitors are appearing on the European stage. Countries like Belgium, England, Portugal and the Netherlands have seen a boom in recent years, boasting a new generation of talented players. These teams have consistently performed well in international competitions and have the potential to challenge the traditional powerhouses.

Countries like Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden have proven their skills in past tournaments and should not be underestimated at Euro 2024 Betting. What makes them potential dark horses in the qualification process and at the tournament itself is:

  • Disciplined style of play;
  • Collective spirit;
  • Tactical insight.

While the big and rising forces are favoured in EURO 2024 qualifiers, there’s always room for underdogs and underdogs to make their mark. Smaller nations with passionate football cultures like Iceland, Wales and Scotland have previously defied all odds and earned their place on the big stage.

Additionally, countries like Ukraine, Serbia and Turkey have talented players and the potential to upset more prominent opponents. The unpredictability of football means that surprises are always possible during the qualifying process, making it an exciting journey for fans.

Key Matchups and Group Stage Predictions

England won 2-1 away against Italy on the first day of qualifying for the European Championship. France dispatched the Dutch 4-0 and Belgium won 3-0 in Sweden. Spain initially beat Norway 3-0 but suffered a sensitive 0-2 defeat against Scotland on the second match day. Another surprise brought the duel Kazakhstan – Denmark. The Danes were already 2-0 ahead away from home but then lost 2-3.

Nations like Scotland, France, England, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Switzerland and Portugal are fully on course for the European Championship after the first four match days. For teams like Sweden or Denmark, however, the qualification will probably not be a sure-fire success, the Scandinavian teams are already under a lot of pressure.

Of course, many big names are represented in the lottery pots for the Euro group draw. Of course, Germany is also a host in one of the Euro groups. This is Group A of the Euro 2024 group phase, in which the German national team will meet their opponents. Accordingly, the team of national coach Flick has a duty at home. If the bookmakers have their way, then Germany is one of the top favourites.

You don’t have to wait until the tournament to place Euro 2024 betting, you can already bet on a large number of events. So it is of course already possible for you to bet on every single game. Of course, the classic three-way bet is available for every game, but also countless Euro special bets. It is still possible for you to bet on the respective group winners of the European Championship groups.

If you are not sure before a game who will be the favourite or which event you should bet on under the special bets, our Euro live bets can be the perfect alternative. Here you can wait for the first few minutes or a whole half in close games and then bet on an event that is offered. In this way, you also take the latest events into account and are particularly flexible. Furthermore, in a European Championship game, it is decided much faster live whether the bet will be won or not.

Betting Tips and Strategies

Euro betting is not always easy to manoeuvre. If you have already successfully mastered the basics of Euro betting, enjoy betting and now want to enter the world of professional Euro Betting strategies, you have come to the right place.

Below, we take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each professional Euro 2024 Betting strategy and answer the question “How do professionals bet?”

How to Recognize Worthwhile Bets or Odds?

Most guides with EURO betting tips from professionals revolve around the question of how to recognize worthwhile, safe bets or good betting odds.

The main sticking point of this professional Euro Betting strategy is that the probability of winning must be correctly estimated. To make the right prediction, you need a certain amount of background knowledge.

The current form curve of the teams is particularly important. So if your team is on a stellar winning streak, an away win is definitely within the realm of possibility. However, if the opposing team is a feared opponent, it is not advisable to bet on your team to win – even if you wish your team to win.

Other important factors that should be considered for a successful professional Euro 2024 Betting strategy are, for example:

  • Injured players on both sides
  • Past encounters (direct comparison)
  • Current bans due to yellow or red cards

Before a professional makes a sports bet, he analyzes large amounts of data and creates a Euro Betting strategy.

Only when there is a realistic chance of winning a bet will a wager be made and a bet placed. 

Therefore, you cannot help but take a look at the statistics to create your best betting strategy!

With the mean value to your added value

The goal of any Euro Betting pro strategy is to find the perfect bet.

However, you need to know where to look – and most importantly, what to look for. 

It is of little use to understand the concept of value betting if you cannot apply it.

This is where one of the best Euro 2024 Betting strategies for advanced and professional sports bettors called “ Poisson Distribution ” comes into play. This term refers to a modelling of the frequency with which an event occurs in a temporal or spatial interval.

An example:

England plays against Germany Dortmund. You can use a distribution formula to predict the probability that Leverkusen will score a certain number of goals. To do this, you need to know the attack strength and the defence strength.

To determine the strength of the attack, use the average number of goals per game (separately for home and away).

The average value is calculated by dividing the number of home goals by the number of games played in the season.

Do the same for the away goals.

To determine defence strength, replace the number of goals scored with the number of goals conceded.

Technical Betting vs. Value Bets

Value betting isn’t just about finding bet odds that offer good value, it’s also about taking a long-term approach. 

You can compare the whole thing to a poker player who makes his decisions depending on the situation and calls even though his chances of winning are not very high. As long as he correctly assesses the hands of his opponents, he will make a profit in the long run.

By accurately calculating your team’s odds of winning, you’ll gain an edge in the long run, even though many of your bets won’t be successful. 

An example would be a match with odds of 1.80 for both teams (chance of winning = 50%). If, in your opinion, the probability of winning for your team is not 50%, but rather 60% or even 65%, the betting decision will be easier.

However, if you’re looking to maximize your winnings on every bet, put all your hopes in that one bet. In the short term, you can be successful with a technical Euro 2024 Betting strategy – but the value betting approach is more profitable.

Compare Euro betting odds from different bookmakers

To get the most out of your bets and create your best betting strategy, it is necessary to compare odds from different sportsbooks.

It doesn’t matter whether you place a single bet or a combination bet. Even small odds differences can lead to a significantly higher or lower profit.

There are various websites on the Internet where you can find the best betting odds in no time at all.

The odds differences are often larger than you would think. In some cases, a Euro Betting provider from the category of best betting providers takes longer than its competitors to react to changes (e.g. an injury to an important player).

And: you can use this to your advantage by comparing the Euro Betting odds of the bookmakers just before the game starts and picking out the best offer from the best football bookmakers.

Are Wincast or Scorecast Bets Worth It?

Anyone looking for professional Euro Betting tips will sooner or later come across win cast or scorecast bets.

These types of bets offer high winning potential, but they require very thorough preparation. You bet on the occurrence of several events, which carries a high risk. It is therefore of course no wonder that wincast and scorecast bets are offered on almost all important Euro 2024 Betting portals.

Euro Betting Strategy: Scorecast Betting

In the Scorecast bet, you are betting on the first goalscorer AND the correct score. For example, you could bet on Robert Lewandowski to score the first goal and Bayern Munich to win the game 4-1 in the end.

It is helpful to know which players typically take penalties and free kicks for a team, as such players have a much better chance of scoring the first goal in a match.

Beginners should better stay away from Scorecast Euro betting – because the probability that both predictions are correct is extremely low. While it’s safe to assume that a “scoring machine” like Lewandowski will score the first goal, predicting the exact final score is a game of chance.

Recommended Betting Sites and Resources

When creating our ranking, we used the ten test criteria as a basis, among other things, on which the large EURO betting provider comparison of the sports betting test editors is based. It is an extensive and reliable testing system developed by betting experts with years of experience.

Successful EURO betting is discipline-based and requires work. Customers should be able to bet at the best possible prices in many markets and not be too distracted by the marketing campaigns of the providers.

We will show you in the test who are the best betting providers on the market in 2023:


When it comes to the number of EURO betting markets offered, they are just as involved as they are in football odds: Here, Betfinal puts most of its competitors behind, especially in games in the top leagues. However, the odds level in smaller leagues and other sports sometimes drops quite significantly.


Certainly, one of the best-known names in the Arab countries when it comes to Euro betting: Founded in 1997 and online since 2001, 888sport is very similar to our No.1 in betting provider rankings: As with 888sport, users will find plenty of pre-match & live bets here and streaming. In addition, 888sport convinces with features such as improved odds or the possibility of subsequently changing the bets.

However, the odds, which are not in the absolute top field, are not entirely convincing. Nevertheless, Bwin is not without reason one of the big players in the Arabic market and has put together a good overall package.


Strong odds level in top football and a comprehensive range of bets for the top sports competitions are the strengths of Melbet. In addition, Melbet can score points with a new customer bonus that is worth seeing.

There are deductions for the less clear website and the somewhat smaller betting program in fringe sports. The Melbet app cuts a good figure in the sports betting app comparison and occupies a place in the top 10.


BetObet comes from Curacao, where the provider is known in particular for a large number of betting shops. The attack on the Arabic online market was launched in 2017 with the BetObet brand and, above all, the extensive range of betting options quickly convinced local customers.

The odds level is particularly impressive for bets on the Euro 2024 Betting, second division and Champions League. When it comes to the number of betting markets, we still see room for improvement – you won’t find Asian handicaps, for example.


If the best odds are (rightly) important to you when it comes to sports betting, you can’t avoid Betwinner: odds are the Arabic bookmaker’s parade discipline and are usually among the best, regardless of the type of sport and competition.

You bet at the best prices in the Arabic market, but you have to make compromises in the betting markets – Betwinner, for example, does not offer Asian Handicaps. Betwinner is also struggling a little when it comes to payment options – you will find the most common options, but the competition sometimes has more in store.

YYY sport

Something like the old guard in the betting provider market: YYY sports scores with Arabic roots, a lot of seriousness and an extremely extensive betting program, especially when it comes to Euro 2024 Betting.

Anyone who values ​​ Euro 2024 Betting campaigns and regular bonuses for existing customers is in good hands here. However, the welcome bonus of 50% on the deposit amount is not quite as generous as with other providers.


Betway is best known in the British betting market, but the online betting provider has also gained popularity in Arab countries in recent years.

Customer support is less popular, as it can only be reached via email. You won’t find a live chat or even a phone number. Customer service usually responds within one working day.

Betway has been in business for about 15 years and can confidently be regarded as an established betting provider that does not make any major blunders in terms of either the odds or the bonus and belongs to the good average.

The unique selling point of Betway is rather the wide range of odds boosts: Even existing customers who have already taken advantage of the welcome bonus will find all sorts of special offers and promotions with increased odds here – across sports, but with a strong focus on football events.


10Bet is a comparatively new betting provider that was founded in 2018 and was granted the betting license in 2021. Since then he has been involved in the Arabic sports betting market – but he falls behind the established Euro 2024 Betting providers.

For example, there is still room for improvement in live betting. New customers can look forward to an industry-typical 100% deposit bonus.

Responsible Gambling

Don’t have a gambling problem and want it to stay that way? Or do you notice that you are playing more and more, but would like to find your way back to an unproblematic approach?

Tips for Responsible Gambling

Set yourself a time and money limit that is reasonable for you.

Take cash to gamble and stop when it’s gambled away. Never borrow money to gamble.

Always put family, friends and work ahead of gambling. Set clear time limits for playing.

Don’t play when you’re feeling down and you’re having problems. Gambling may distract you in the short term, but it doesn’t solve any problems. Rather, they risk gambling itself becoming a problem.

Don’t play alone. Games involving money should be played like parlour games in a convivial atmosphere among friends and colleagues.

Don’t try to get lost money back with new bets. This only increases the loss.

Keep in mind that all gambling is primarily rewarding for the gambling industry. There are no winning systems that could improve the odds of winning in your favour because the result in typical games of chance is pure chance.


Germany is one of the favourites in the Euro 2024 due to the home advantage.

This is also shown by the odds of the Euro 2024 betting providers. When it comes to the European Champions betting odds, Germany is even at the top of the European Champions 2024 ranking!

France and England (EM finalist 2021) are currently among the top candidates for the European Championship title in 2024. In addition, Spain is the semi-finalist in 2021.

Italy, the reigning European champion and Euro winner of 2021, is only listed as a co-favourite in the current Euro 2024 Betting odds. This is probably because the Squadra Azzurra could not qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

Behind this top 5, there is a long list of co-favourites and secret favourites. The answer to the question “Who will be the European champion in 2024” could also be Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium or even Denmark. As a reminder, the Danes were in the semi-finals at EURO 2021!

 If you already have a European champion tip in your Euro 2024 bets, then place this Euro betting now. Experience has shown that the Euro odds for the European champions get worse and worse the closer the tournament gets.

A European Champion 2024 tip submitted early can therefore bring you a significantly higher profit than one that is placed shortly before or even during the tournament.

Since the Euro qualification has not even started yet, the Euro participants for 2024 have not yet been determined. As soon as the big nations and actual Euro 2024 favourites have qualified for the Euro, their European champion quota will drop for the first time.